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  1. sorry to resurrect a dated post but this is the exact reason why i tie on a traditional style vise versus a rotary one. i find i get a lot more access to the bend of the hook in order to attach materials. this is important because tailing materials on small dry flies matter so much. there are certain traditional vises out there that are able to change the axis of the jaws in order to achieve 160, 120, 90 degrees of vise head placement. the arm of a rotary vice often gets in the way especially if you are only tying small little trout flies or even little bass poppers/ deer hair. regal immediately comes to mind that allows for access to the back side of the hook but unless you buy their stainless jaws, the vise is rather clumsy in the smaller hook range. I myself tie on a dyna king professional that has all the same qualities as a regal but also has, in my opinion, better engineered jaws as well as lock notches that ensure the chassis of your vise is able to drive nails. hmh is another rock solid traditional vise. they will probably be my next vise to own; however, my dyna king pro has never failed me and i never once thought my flies would be better if i rotated them instead of my arms. i feel as though the "true" rotary aspect is a nice idea but unless you're laying down supremely tight wrapped body material where every wrap needs to be perfect, like trad. salmon flies, it's not really all that needed. for the most part, i feel like the 6-7 wraps it would take to complete a size 18 fly can be better done without a clumsy, "true" rotary mechanic in the way and better achieved with your arms and a bobbin. it might be time for you to try tying on a quality, traditional vise. ❓ tl;dr: true rotary isn't really worth it in my opinion.
  2. When you use foam posts, do you tie off the hackle at the base of the post or behind the eye of the hook?
  3. damn it's good to be back great work everyone! here's what i've been working on: the camera was sure to highlight the mistakes
  4. EC Caddis Wing: Natural Elk Hackle: Whiting Barred Ginger Body: Mirage Opal tinsel
  5. lol oh no. c'mon guys, it really wasn't that heated... they're birds. not too long ago, i went to tahoe on vacation and moseyed into this taxidermy shop out there. chatted the proprietor up some and he showed me his cutting room. he was more than happy to let me have a few patches of bear hair and sterling skins. i'd say that if you have a taxidermy shop near you, give it a shot. nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  6. jujus zebra midge wd-40 bird's nest czech nypmh barr's emerger rs-2 copper john
  7. i very rarely get to fish any waters in this country other than my own but when i do, i bring generic flies. also, i tend to bring the smaller sizes (14-20) instead of the larger. it's in my mind that if a fish is hitting a size 10, it will most likely hit a size 12. of course, most of my fishing is for 9" brookies so a size 16 is just about perfect. the more you research the area you're going to, the less flies and sizes you'll have to bring, imo.
  8. HMH is an awesome company. One on the best, in m opinion. There are so many good vises out there around the 150-200 range.
  9. they can hold a hook no problem. there is indeed something wrong with your jaws.
  10. The amount of adjustment needed for the collet on Dyna Kings is very small. I can tie a size 18 dry fly hook to a size 10 scud hook and adjust the jaws, what seems to me, very little. ive noticed in your second video that when you put the hook higher up in the jaws, the point of the hook is still not exiting the jaw squarely. i suggest moving the hook up further in the jaws and make the point of the hook exit from the middle of the jaws. see where that gets ya. have you heard from dyna king yet?
  11. http://waterworks-lamson.com/products/lamson-guru/ http://www.tforods.com/fly-fishing/rods/mangrove-series.html#.VLT6vSvF-So the admin here is also a crack rod builder. i'd let him know you're in the market for a rod.
  12. in my opinion, the grooves in the jaws aren't needed until you get into sizes bigger than 8. i tie mostly sizes 12-18 and never use the grooves... in those sizes, the hook shouldn't be going through the entire jaw anyways.
  13. the.atmos


    I'm curious, have you ever heard of using orange peels to rehydrate dried tobacco? As for the neck pelt, I'd suggest you put some sort of moist material inside the neck's ziplock.
  14. here in the driftless, 6-10" trout are your bread and butter. and like you experienced, they're voracious on a hatch!
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