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    I love EBAY

    do you just type in a search spelt wrong to get these up?
  2. Right but you said Flouro does have a higher density than mono, but I've never noticed my dries sinking from it :dunno: What size dries do you usually fish? i ususally fsh a 14 but it really depends on whats hatching.
  3. personally i prefer braided loops for quick easy changes between normal mono and florocarbor ( mono for dries florocarbon for wets and nymphs etc)
  4. lol, i'm in staffordshire but right next to the shropshire border.
  5. well done on the ad, i'll look out for it in trout and salmon and troutfisherman (two of the biggest fishing mags in england) and post if i see it. well done again on the ad edit: just flicked through may issuse of troutfisherman and its in there, great work
  6. fry

    nymph swap..

    i'll do my own pattern, abit like a ptn i use it as a last resort nymph fished with it yesterday and did very well.
  7. can we do another nymph swap, if someone could host?
  8. fry


    well today my mom finally gave way to my constant nagging lol. Shes finally letting me have a small pond in the back garden (around 3-4ft by 2 ft) but i can only keep insects etc in there, but now i can get a good idea of the size etc of insects and nymphs etc so i can improve my fly tying :headbang:
  9. if it catches fish keep using it. any photo's of it? then maybe someone can give you an idea of what they take it for. fry
  10. I always use barbless, most of the fisheries/rivers i fish have rules abot barbed hooks anyway but even if you could use barbed i would still use barbless because it is alot easier to get out of things e.g - my thumd, hand, arm or any other body part - trees bushes etc - fish
  11. the bead/eye is called a dumbel eye ( or something can't remember). From looking at the pictures again i think maybe a samller eye what do you think? .the marabou does go over the top of it but now you mentioned it I think there should have been more marabou over the top. I have ordered some more marabou should be here tomorow, I'll give it another go. Thanks for the tip about adding a soft hackle I'll try that aswell. fry
  12. Thanks for your help i'll try that when i get some mor olive marabou. fry
  13. these are my first two attempts at a damsel, i know the tying quality isn't very good but i have only just started tying my own flys. Please comment on them, also do you think the tails are too long? Thanks
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