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  1. Invest in a small tripod and place your camera from the back side of the vice, such as other youtubers do, and lighting like SBPatt says. Your off to a good start though. Practice makes perfect. 👍
  2. You have probaly seen this one already.
  3. Hi All! I know I havn't posted here in a while, but I do visit the forum a lot. I've been busy with the new embroidery and printing business and finishing up my last day's as a field service engineer. Today is my last day and I decided to take my boy, Huntz pheasant hunting this morning and go in late to say Adios to everyone where I have been working. I got to the field just before legal sunrise at about 7:00am. As soon as the clock hit 7:14 am, Huntz and I hit the field and within 15 minutes we got our first bird. about 15 minutes later the 2nd. The boy made me proud :headbang: . When we got back to the truck, my coffee was still warm in my Go-Cup. How many flies can you tie from one pheasant? FinHunter
  4. Hi Zak, For a few years now, I have been using a lamp that clamps on the side of my tying table like the one Graham described, except inside of the round flouro light it has a magnifying glass that come in handy when tying small flies. I picked it up at a local flea market for about $15. FH
  5. Nope, He's a German Shorthair pointer, on point to a covy of Quail. I'll see if I can dig up some more pics of him. FH Added as attachment, 2 of my 3 dogs. I think it's a wabbit! Hats & Shirts
  6. Welcome to the foruns garetjax, I am farely new myself and have found myself enthralled with coming here every time I get online. I don't always post something but I always get some interesting and useful information from this great bunch of guys/gals. And if you want a good laugh steeldrifter has a thread with a bunch of good jokes. I think it is over in TFF, I can't remember I had a beer or two under my belt. I found myself laughing to tears with some of them. Anyway have fun here, and don't take anyone too seriously or you may get your feelings hurt Finhunter :headbang: Hats and Shirts
  7. Right now if you ordered some T-shirts to be printed I could probably get them to you in a week or less, counting the shipping time and all. For embroidery I will be getting my new commercial machine in at the end of this week. Once I get it up and running I'll be pretty fast at turn around. I'll stay up late to get the jobs done. The fastest way to get yor stuff is to go to the link I have at the bottom of this post and find the apparel you wish to print or embroider on. Tell me what you want and I'll order it from my local distributor right away.and everything else depends on how fast tey get it to me. If they have the stuff in stock I'll most likley get it the next day or I'll drive up there and pick it up. I'll just trust that you are serious about your order and front the supplies. And yes I can digitize from an emailed image. I can design logos along with your input. If it is for you, the decision on the design is ultimately yours, but I can throw out some ideas and concepts. Catalog Thanks Everyone, Bill, AKA Finhunter
  8. Thanks Gregg A, I would appreciate any business. A couple of the other members have put in their orders, hopefuly they will be satisfied enough to post some good feedback. Thanks again, Finhunter :headbang:
  9. No Minimum, but for embroidery there is a lot more to set up, such as digitizing the graphic into stitches. I just PMed Steeldrifter that for this service there is usually a service charge for digitizing. This price is dependant on the size and complexity, but I am waiving this fee to all forum members who order through the forum. Unless it is going to cover the whole back of a Jean Jacket or something like that. Alogo or cap sized emblem is no big deal. The nice thing about it is that once I digitize it, I'll always have it on file and you can order another item later in the future. Like the one have have attached to this post. FH
  10. Hello all! As some of you may know, my current job has me traveling about 90%. I've been doing this for 6 years now and it is wearing me thin and burning me out. Least to mention that I don't have much of a personal life because of it. :wallbash: I've been searching for other employment around here and havn't had much luck. That being said and enough wining. I am starting a business along with my wife. We've been working on this since the first part of April. We've invested in the equipment and are ready to start some small runs of Embroidery and T-shirt printing. So, if anyone is interested in ordering a custom piece of apparel such as...well...anything pretty much. We can embroider on almost any kind of clothing and print on anything with 50% or more of cotton, preferably 100%. I am set up to get optimum pricing on apparel and there is a wide choice of styles. The link to the catalog is here: Catalog I do digitizing service also. This means that you can email me a graphic file and I can convert it to stitches to embroider on to a clothing item. Or I can print the graphic on to a T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Jersey..etc. The price to print a graphic to a short sleeveT-Shirt is $17 + S&H 6.5% sales tax in Ohio(sorry, I have to )for a single run, $20 with pocket. This would be on a light colored shirt such as whit, blue, tan..etc. If you want Black,Navy, dark green etc. it is $1 extra because I have to use a more expensive process. These would be on a high quality Shirt like Haynes Beefy-T or Gildan 100% cotton. If you want a larger run, we can work out a quantity discount. Also if you are ordering from me through the Forums via my PM, $1 for each order will go to Will Mullis for support to the forum. I havn't told this to Will yet, but that's what I want to do. This forum has helped me so much, not just advice from everyone, but the comradery and the realization of what I am missing when I am out on the road so much. Hopefully this business will grow enough for me to quit that job and go on with life and enjoy some fishing and hunting, which is what I enjoy doing the most. Not to mention I get to be with my wife, who enjoys these thing as much as I do. The shipping and handling for one shirt is $3 for regular ground and $4.95 priority 2 day mail. I want to thank you all in advance for any patronage, and thank you to Will Mullis for starting this Forum. Below are some examples which I scanned real quick just so you can see what we can do. The embroidery was scanned from a sticker that Ohio Central Basin Steeheaders sent me when I joined them, and the brown trout is a print on a T-Shirt that I took off the web using Yahoo Image search.. I will not do copyrighted material for obvious reasons. I am working on a web site that is still under construction: Marcella's Embroidery & Design Thanks to All of you! Bill & Marcie
  11. Thanks Art! I replied to your PM. You Are The MAAANNN! :headbang: Bill
  12. Hey Guy's! I am being sent to Labatt's Brewery in London Ontario next week. I'll be there all week and was wondering if it would be worth taking my gear with me, in case I get a day of free time. Is there any easy access public fishing areas around there? What is the price of the Non-Resident anglers liscence? Anyway any advice would be great. Thanks, FH :yahoo:
  13. I am a Electrical Field Service engineer on high speed packaging equipment. I travel all over the world to install service and repair machines at places like... Anhueser Busch, Heineken, Physer, Kellogs, Kraft, General Mills Labatt, Molson, Modelo and all that neet stuff. I am away from home about 90% of the time and don't get to fish much. I am on the hairy edge of quitting soon and starting my own business where I can be my own boss. Then I will take vacation anytime I want or just close up shop for the afternoon and go fishing. :wallbash: Sicerely, FH
  14. I would have to say an Elk Hair or Deer hair Caddis and don't forget that Caribou hair works good also. FH
  15. How does Photoshop CS2 compare to the previous version? :dunno: FH
  16. Excellent pics Will! gotta love Photoshop, I have it, and probably havn't even touched it's capabilities. What camera make and model do you have, cause I'm still shopping for one. FH
  17. Hey Al, My Bad! I didn't even think to look at the author of the article. Now looking back at it, I see that! I am bad about checking the author of magazine articles, I just get into the subject at hand and get to the next article that is of interest to me. I tried to order a package of those small ones, but their CC processing was coming back with errors, so I didn't get to complete the order. I emailed them about it, but havn't heard back from them. FH
  18. Hey all! I was reading an article in Salmon Trout Steelheader and it was about a Wiggle Bugger. It seems this company ( Which I have no affiliation with) has an Action Disk that goes in front of the fly and makes it have a wiggle action. Has anyone here used this thing? It can be aquired at: Wigglefin.com It shows a demo of it. I wonder how it would work with a Double Bunny or other Streamers? FH
  19. Hi Guys! I don't know that pattern, but ifyou point me to the recipe I'll take a gander and see If I can take a wack at it. FH
  20. Hello All, I am not quite sure how this works, but I gather that what is going on is... A box is sent around to each participant (the same box that is?). And if you see something that you can use, you aquisition it? Then you put your donation in and send it to the next participant on the List? :dunno: Do I understand this correctly? FH
  21. Alex, Now what you need to do is frame the first $1 bill you made for good luck. :yahoo: It works every time! FH
  22. Well, It specifically asks you! :devil: By the way, I like your flies on your website FH
  23. Does it do Macro Flytier?
  24. I have a program called winsnipe, it bids for me at the time I tell it to. It just started giving me problem though, but they have good support there. I don't have to be present for it to work. FH
  25. Hey #10WhiteWolf, Take things nice and slow, believe me, I'm on my 3rd marriage... I know, I know, your thinkin' what a dilwad! But, let me tell ya, give it a year or a year and a half. Thats how long it take you to really know each other. The fact that she loves the outdoors is great. That's what my ex-#2 wife said. Well, she didn't want to go camping if their wasn't showers and a place to plug her hair dryer in. Now my present wife, she had all the backpacking gear before I met her. We were together for a little over a year before we got hitched. Now 8 years later . We hunt, flyfish, camp and backpack together. And not only is she beautiful.. she's a redhead too! :yahoo: :smoke: FH P.S. the only thing I hate is that she is a better shot with the Shotgun than me. :wallbash:
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