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  1. hey kevin, sorry for not getting back to your message on the 5th, i have relocated and have been quite abit the last couple months. regarding the swap, i messaged you back in november that i would be unable to participate, i sent a pm the a copy of our conversation from my inbox. hope the rest of you have a good swap, sorry for any inconvenience
  2. i might be interested, if its saltwater
  3. hey guys, im looking to pick up a reel to use on large gt and bluewater. Must have a reliable 15lb sealed drag, and beable to take abit of abuse. Been looking at the cheeky dozer 525 which seems to fit the bill but I have not been able to gather much first hand information. I am under the impression that it has a much stronger drag system that the mojo. Can anyone confirm this.
  4. I was wondering what your goes through your when deciding how to trim your fly. I often find that when I my flies look alittle better before i trim and colour them up. I acredit most of this due to the fact that I do most of my tying at the end of a night of drinking and i can never seem to make up my mind as to what looks "right" for example:
  5. slayed them this summer up in the yukon with dries, Ive also caught quite afew in nwt. very tasty and up to 4lb
  6. Hi guys, I saw this video on youtube the other day and it has been driving me crazy. can anyone tell what the tale is made of, or any other material that can give simular action? At first i thought it was a soft plastic grub tail but upon examination it appears to have small hairs sticking out of it, leather maybe? thanks, Gill
  7. It all depends on the wind. on calm days ill use a 5 wt and throw deceiver with a sink tip line. on windy days i move up to a 9wt and throw clousers whistler and upline. To this day my largest pike was on a 5 wt. took over 15 minutes to bring in 43" caught on a red and white deceiver in a river. If you are fishing heavy weeds i would go with atleast an 8 wt. so to answer your question i would say an 8wt would be fine unless your throwing musky sized flys or fish an extremely windy spot
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