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  1. Hello, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Mike and I live in N.W. Iowa. I am a complete beginner when it comes to tying flies. I bought a Wapsi deluxe fly tying kit off of Amazon and am very excited to use it. I also picked up a few things at my local craft shop to expand what came in the kit. I also bought a little bit of Balsa wood in hope of making some poppers out of it. What kind of hooks should I get to make the poppers? Also are there any tricks or reccomendations on what type of fly I should try tying first? I mostly fly fish for Bass, and panfish beings where I live there aren't any trout streams. I also enjoy other ways of fishing, but really like fly fishing. I am saving up for a fishing Kayak also. Any reccomendations on what Kayaks are out there would be nice as well. The one I have my heart set on right now is a Jackson Kayak Cuda 12. I know that eventually I will want to invest more in a rotary vise and other tools of the trade. Anyhow I am waiting patiently for the ice to be off the lakes and rivers here Thanks in advance for the input, Mike
  2. Hello everyone, I am also from N.W. Iowa and am new to fly tying. I have some experience fly fishing though but want to try tying my own fly's. I also like fishing with poppers for bass and panfish. I am really excited to learn how to tie fly's. Just thinking about catching fish on something I make myself really has me itching to fish, but of course it's not spring yet here in NW Iowa and there's ice on the lakes yet. I hope to make some new friends here, and I bet there will be loads of information for me to learn. Mike D.
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