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  1. As DrVette said, the Arkansas. Full of browns and a manageable river. I don't float it because of all the public access.
  2. I love listening to nature. It can't be beat and the sounds of nature is one of the reasons I enjoy fly fishing.
  3. I have used Rit dye for almost 30 years with great success. I have some deer hair I died brown with Rit that is 20 years old and the color is holding strong. Stored in a dark box, but it still ties well and catches fish.
  4. I really admire your work. The cork matches the reel seat. Just awsome.
  5. Great work for a first timer. Fish them, the real joy is catching your first fish on a fly you tied!!
  6. The credit card and comb, great ideas, thanks.
  7. Teimco and every once in a while a Mustad
  8. I use mostly gray with the occasional orange when fishing the Gunnison.
  9. Wow, just wow, wish I had the talent to do something like that.
  10. Like everyone is saying, slowing the stoke down helps me even when fishing fast rods. I use the downstream loading of the rod 75% of the time
  11. I will be trying this one out on the Gunnison in the next few weeks. It looks perfect for our picky trout. I am going to tie a few with a pearl bead and some more with a peacock bead.
  12. Hi Scott, Welcome to the Forum. Beautiful wood work, but I also see it as too clean. Mine is in a perpetual mess of furs and feathers.
  13. I don't think you could go wrong with the Renzetti. I have been using mine for over 25 trouble free years.
  14. I forgot, as other have said, you have got to let the fish have it's way, you can't beat a freight train!!!!
  15. I fight 4 to 5 lb trout on a regular basis. A pleasure of living in Western Colorado. My best tactic it a side motion pull, and if he goes downstream on you, you have to run to catch up. Downstream is a goner unless you run to catch up.
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