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  1. I just had make some fly that look alike yours . I will try them soon . I tye them in yellow and orange and some others in red and white . thank for your tips
  2. for the speckel trout : black wooly bugger cone head ,fiset , parmanchem belle bass fly: white wooly bugger when water is dark and in summer dalberg diver perch : black gnats , mickey finn crappi: scuds
  3. With my 7wt and 8wt I reach the 40-50 since I get that tennis elbow.... I would like to reach the 70 to had a better distance to strip my fly.
  4. I prefer to shop in local store to check the quality of feather and hair. here in Montreal the Orvis shop Salmo nature boutique is the place. For some stuff dollorama can be good for some items.I like to try product that are not make for fly tying to see what can be done with!
  5. Thank you gang for those tips for rattle fly. If anybody with other experiment with those rattle please just give your point! Do you use rattle for bass fly to?
  6. Hello Do you know if I use some rattle in a fly , will it turn upside down as a fly with weight eye ( bead eye). I am thinking to secure the rattle chamber with a small metal wire...can someone help me??? What is the best size hook to use for pike now I use some 3/0 4/0and 7/0 and also some double hook in the 3/0 size. thank's
  7. Hi everything can be use tye , sure it wont float as CDC but as tail will be good and also you will be able to do body with those feathers. experiment and don t be shy to make something different... you will see how they work and move.. you will improve . for me almost anything can be use for fly tying! keep on tying
  8. Really nice fly , That will works well without any doubt. The tree first models with feathers sould be call parrot 's pike fly. The last one could be call '' black cat '' what is the material use to form the head of the fly and how do you shape this head???
  9. what I suggest is EP fibers from Enrico Puglisi great material colorfull and resistant. buck tail are good too. big hook 3/0 to 7/0 are great
  10. nice fly just keep in mind that the result will get better with the number of flyes done! for the muddler, take your time to trim the head.I am using sharp small scissor to trim the head , hold the fly into your hand to do a nicer job. keep on flytiyng
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