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  1. Are Klinkhammer hooks better suited for parachute flies or can they be used for all sorts of emerging flies? In other words, what are the hooks designed for? Thanks, Randy
  2. Folks, Thanks so much for all your help. I now see CDC differently, Randy
  3. Thanks again for all your help. How often should I apply Frogg's Fanny to a CDC emerger? Randy
  4. I've been educated, though I still don't understand why CDC is such a great material for dry flies and emergers. For me, if I have to keep treating a fly or drying it off I'm not sure it's worth the effort, especially when I find parapost material floats like a cork. Also, when I fish I hate frequently changing flies. Randy
  5. I've tried Frog's Fanny, but the problem is, if I remember, I have to keep applying it when I'm fishing. Randy
  6. The pattern I used was similiar to an RS2, except that I used CDC for a wing and Z-lon for a shuck. Maybe I should use parapost material for the wing and shuck. The local fly shop suggested I treat the CDC with CDC oil. I'm not sure if I oil the feathers once and let them dry or if I have to reapply the oil when I'm fishing. Thanks, Randy
  7. I tied some simple emergers, but they didn't float or stay near the surface. I used fine emerger/nymph hooks; so I'm wondering if 1X fine would be different. Also, what are the finest/lightest emerger hooks? Randy
  8. I converted to Veevus. I love it. Randy
  9. I want to tie some soft hackles that have coastal deer hair wings - not as thick as the wing of an Elk Hair Caddis. Would you wind the soft hackle - partridge - on top of the front of the wing (as if it were a fluttering caddis) or wind completely in front of the deer hair? Thanks, Randy
  10. I think the McGee book, Tying and Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs, should become a classic. Great techniques in the book about how to fish soft-hackled flies. Randy
  11. I suspect the freestone water temps will be well over 70 degrees by mid day. My quess is that you'll have to fish those waters really early in the morning, and hope that there's a good deal of rain just before you get there. Keep in mind the lower Beaverkill and the Willowemoc flow east to west, so they get hit with a lot of sunlight. I would consider fishing the Delaware, as it's a tailwater. Randy
  12. Great post. I too am struggling with my Copper John bodies. A guy in a flyshop suggested that, after I lay a thread base, I tie in some clear sow-scud back and tightly wrap it around the thread, tie off, then wrap the wire around the scud back. Seems like an interesting technique. Haven't tried it yet. Any thoughts? Randy
  13. Crackaig, I'm not 100% sure what you mean by this: Then fold the other edge over the already folded section so it is There is a slight gap in the centre (about two fibre widths) between the two edges. Then fold the whole thing in half.
  14. I logged a dispute and didn't get any results as FE never responded to paypal, but then paypal asked if I wanted continue with my dispute. I told them I did. Finally, after waiting over two months without receiving a single response from FE I got my feathers. Randy
  15. Yes, I was asking about material, then, after watching the video, commenting on it. I saw a place was selling 1 mm foam as hopper wing material. Randy
  16. Folks, Thanks so much for your help, I was using Dave's Fleximent. I think Zap-A-Gap is better. Randy
  17. I've tied some deer-hair and some parachute hoppers and used mottled turkey quill for the underwing (and wing). Instead of turkey, I'd like to use material of different colors, green, yellow and tan. I was thinking of using Thin Skin. Will that work? (Perhaps it's not stiff enough to hold its shape when the fly is cast.) What other thin wing materials could I use? Thin foam? Thanks, Randy
  18. I waited over two months for my feathers. Randy
  19. Is it necessary for tails to point upward? Randy
  20. I've bought a lot of feathers from him before, and never had a problem, though my friend had to wait over a month for his feathers. (FE never responded to his emails or phone calls.) Bass Pro has mini packs of hackle in size 14. I think I might try them. Randy
  21. Last month I ordered a mixed hundred pack from FE. I waited two weeks, but no feathers, so I sent David an email. No response. I called him twice. Twice he said he’d look into my order and get back to me. Twice, no response. I called him again. He abruptly said he’d get back to me and hung up on me. Again, no response. He accepted payment for the feathers, so I’m not sure what I can do, except pass my experience onto others. Is there anywhere else I can get a size fourteen hundred pack of three different colors? Randy
  22. Rockworm, I'm not sure what you mean by "tying the last material to the eye." Wouldn't that mean crowding the eye? Randy
  23. I bought a hundred pack from FE that had feathers of three sizes: 12, 14, 16. I'm very happy with the feathers. They did not, however, come in a Whiting Pack. Randy
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