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  1. Been fishing this soft hackle all of September with great success.
  2. I live in Calgary too, only an 8 minute walk from the Bow. I picked up Albertas Trout Highway at either fishtales or wholesale, cant remember. Perhaps the Calgary group could hookup and fish sometime?? Just sayin
  3. McRad

    Fish Pictures

    More just a fishing picture. This is a place called chain lakes. Drove there with the wife and kids yesterday, just to hangout for awhile.
  4. Just start tying, if it sucks crap cut it off and re-use the bead/hook etc. Warm up is for golf lol, just sayin.
  5. Not sure if you all have seen alberta on the news its all bad. my parents were evacuated last night. Golf tourney is off, cant even drive there as the highway was completely taken out by a mudlslide. Never seen it like this before, schools and hospitals are also closed
  6. I live in Alberta were there happens to be no Bass, anywhere! Im going to Lake Windermere British Columbia this weekend and have read and heard that there are largemouth in there ))) seen a few pics too! First go at some Gurglers lol!! love that name..........anyways lol!!!
  7. McRad

    Fish Pictures

    sweet cutty man, whats the gun for (bears)? just wondering.
  8. A mushroom walks into the bar and orders a drink, bartender says "sorry, we dont serve your kind around around here" the mushroom replies "why not, im a fun-gi" Just keeping it clean
  9. I fish the bow river a lot, 20" trout, browns and bows mixed with tons of whitefish is common. Not unusual to get 24, 25" either, my biggest personally was a 31" brown. Never fished anything bigger than a 9' 6W. You still need to be able to switch up to small dries, speaking of which the caddis were crazy last night, it was good to see. I prefer a 5W but fishing the bow a 6 is were its at do to fish size alone. IMO, if your going for trout an 8W is far to big unless you know theyre all over 30" (if they are please let me know) a mediuim action 6W would be perfect. I thing I would just pack the 4, 5 & 6 along regardless, have a blast man.
  10. Would want to be able to do some dries and nymphs so i would go with the following, had to sacrifice beads. Hook: Dai-Riki #135 Size 14 scud/pupa, 1x short/strong. Good all around hook, nymphs, dries. Thread: 8/0 Tan Waxed Uni-Thread. I find you can tie anything with this thread. Materials: Pheasant tail, Small gold wire, hare/squirrel dubbing mix, red medium holo tinsel, tan sheet foam 2mm.
  11. If you no the fish are going to be 28" + then a 7 would be great.
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