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  1. would this be a good fly to immitate??????? there were a few of em down there... just curious Thanks for the replys
  2. it had 4 wings 2 on each side and was around 2 inches long... Thanks Jeff
  3. is this a fly that works pretty good?????? it seems like it might work well.... have u had success with this fly???????/ THanks Jeff
  4. first off.... the hackle i used was a bit big for the fly but o well... there are a TON of varitions of this fly.. colors different weights .... literally HUNDREDS of varitions to this'n.... first tye in ur thread but BEFORE this... if u are tying a bead head fly u put the bead on FIRST then tye in ur thread and tye it behind the bead as shown in the picture NEXT you tye in your marabou tail which it makes it SOOO MUCH easier if u wet ur fingers and make the marabou wet.... now lay it beside the hook becuase u want the marabou as long as the hook shank... so after determine the length cut it a tad longer(as to be able to tye it in) then u tye the marabou in... next tye in your Hackle.... i got strung hackle for my buggers.... then tye in your chinnell(or whatever body material you are using).... Then wrap the chinnell to the front of the hook then tye it off.... then grab the hackle wrap er around to the front and tye er off and your done.... well LAST thing u gotta do is whip finish or tye a crap load(10+) of knots(cant remember the name of em... maybe some one on here will post what they r called) then apply your head cement AND U GOT YOURSELF A WOOLLY BUGGER.... enjoy.... Thanks for reading Jeff....
  5. ok... i got a few "custom" woolly buggers i made... like purple and red... just mix and match colors....but i dont have enough stuff to make olive woolly buggers oh and i can make purple woolly buggers..... Jeff
  6. hmm so would it just be better to just tie woolly buggers?? would they work just as well? im just kinda looking for a great new pattern that i can tie and use in ponds that catches the crap outta bass/and or gills Thanks Jeff
  7. does anyone have any good dasmel fly patterns ... im thinking this type of fly would be good for bass and gills Thanks Jeff
  8. how much does a coffee grinder cost?? Thanks Jeff ill def have to try that
  9. well i hunt/ and trap so i got a ton of fur and hair and all that jaz... so i was wondering how to make dubbing... any tips or help would be appreciated Thanks Jeff
  10. i have probably had it for a year still got plenty of feathers
  11. well it doesnt look like a fly...... i bought it from cabelas i really dont wanan throw it out cause its the only hackle i got.... maybe ill try the micro wave thing thanks for the info
  12. today i was tying a fly and i seen a little grub looking thing not very big maybe a cm long it was on my hackle cape after i seen this i immedately put the cape in the freezer in a plastic bag did i do the right thing... what was this little grub thing Thanks Jeff
  13. hey im not a DA i knew that there is a gallery but sometimes u need to hear of the flys that people USE AND CATCH FISH ON
  14. i need some pond bluegill patterns (i dont have any rubber legs) nothing super difficult but this guy wants some gill flies and i dont have any ideas. PLEASE HELP
  15. thanks for the reference, and i hope that they didnt get as much rain as we did lol
  16. ok i would like to know if there will be anything hatching soon within the next week because i am going fishing in northern kentucky..... anything welcome
  17. glad it worked, sadly i havent got to try it yet but planning to very soon
  18. yeah i have tried that and it didnt work to well for me so i was thinkin and BAM... it just came to me lol
  19. well if u dont know what a hackle guard is, it holds the hackle back(on wets or drys) so you dont tie over it. well take a sharp knife or sicissors and cut a circular disc out of a plastic bottle(or whatever u want to use) size according on the size of fly being tied. and cut to center(to allow you to slide it off and on) thats it hope you guys enjoy
  20. I would like to know if anyone has heard of this place or fished it , it is rough river canyon, kentucky, it is in hartford city park, I will be going here this summer to do some fly fishing and would like to know what kind of fish are here and what patterns will work. also are there any other good places to fish that are close to here? THANKS.
  21. http://www.flytyingfurs.com/index.htm Me and backstroker found this one... they are sooooooooo cheap great prices :headbang:
  22. well i didn't see it saying anything about it in the conservation hunting guide so id imagine not
  23. i have some black bird feathers and some robbin feathers(alot not just a few, like ziplock bags full) and i would just like to know if i should just throw them away or keep them for some fly patterns thanks
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