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  1. hey guys just wanted to check in to see if my flies made it don't know if they did or not at this point being the 19th of august I am going to send another batch for the popper swap and pick another pattern to learn and send them at the same time if the first batch of poppers made it there send them out and send the second batch out with august or keep them or whatever
  2. hey I just wanted to let everyone know my flies got here today they all look good and again sorry for the hold up with my flies I still don't know if my flies for the swap club arrived or not but the usps is changing everything around where I live they shut down all of our local post offices now the mail is being shipped two hours away just to be sent back here. Again sorry for the delay
  3. sorry guys just got back from vacation and found the flies I sent before i left got returned thanks to the lady at the post office doing it wrong I will get them back in the mail tomorrow again sorry for the hold up I been out of town and didn't know they were returned
  4. hey just got back from vacation and found out the flies i sent before i left got returned thanks to the lady at the post office doing the postage wrong I will get them back into the mail tomorrow sorry for being late
  5. i am going to tie a small deer hair popper if my deer hair I ordered ever shows up
  6. ok thanks will get them in the mail this weekend
  7. look into going to yellowstone park in the lamar valley lots of water to fish, slough creek, soda butte and the lamar river I will be there in three weeks but if you decide to go there check the weather last time I was there in August the night we arrived it was 70 degrees the next morning it was 25 and six inches of snow on the ground
  8. was wondering if my flies arrived
  9. am I in this swap I was just wondering because in the first post I count seven names I would still like to be but if I am not let me know my flies are ready to be mailed I tied a foam grasshopper and a sinking ant thanks dave
  10. permethrin is great for keeping the ticks off of you the ticks are terrible in hunting season. I buy straight permethrin at the feed store and mix it myself and spray on my hunting clothes no noticable odor and it works last bear season my brother had like 30 ticks on him and I had zero so the next day he was using my spray. It seems to work best when the permethrin is at least 15 percent in the spray. good luck
  11. I was going to go catfishing tonight but it's dark so I think I will stay home and listen to justin bieber alblums hahha
  12. cool looking forward to it, flies to be determined will let you know when i figure it out
  13. just got my flies from may yesterday everyone did a nice job this month's should go out this weekend or monday at the latest
  14. I will join if there is still space available
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