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  1. Saltybum, I will take pictures of it tomorrow and post it up! fshng2, Thank you!
  2. Mikechell, you are correct. I start with 2" stock rip it in half so that the top and bottom is bookmatched to each other, then router the majority our and finish the final shape with a chisel. Piker, Let me know if you ever want a wood fly box! Vicrider, Thank you! I may have to do that!
  3. Here's a Few pics of a Walnut fly box I made for a client of mine! I have to take some pictures of a cherry/walnut combo fly box that i have done as well to post up. What do you guys think?
  4. Its been a couple years since I last posted but I'm back. My latest design is called the orange peel. tied with moose, orange Imi seal dubbing, polypropylene, and black hackle.
  5. Ok thank you. Looks like I'll be buying some clear epoxy
  6. I just recently got the Copic airbrush system and am thinking about coloring popper heads. What do I put on the finished head to protect the coloration?
  7. I tie this popper with sheet foam. Its super easy to tie also
  8. A bass/pike pack I sold today. With a new foam popper I'm trying out.
  9. I just got the 4 wt. version and paired it with an Okuma 4 wt reel with Airflo fly line and Cortland backing. I love it so far!
  10. A New Stonefly nymph and olive caddis I've been working on
  11. Thank you. I had seen them on the water and tried to make them as close as I could without being super realistic.
  12. Where did you get your popper heads and how did you make them?
  13. My most recents. A new CDC mayfly and a Stone/Caddis fly
  14. Did you tie everything? Nice job if you did!
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