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  1. Horseshoe, You're welcome and enjoy... I had fun with this swap! Now for my secret Santa: I had a really nice gift from OLD HAT, nice set of flies, fly box and a knot tool to make tapered leaders! Thanks so much! Thanks All and BFR for another great Santa swap! Tom
  2. Went home for lunch today and there was a package from SANTA waiting for me :headbang: Now if I can show some restraint until Christmas.... :devil: Thanks again BFR !!! Tom
  3. flies went out last Friday, should have them this week... Take care Tom
  4. Received my flies as well.... very nice set of flies... fish catchers for sure Thanks all tiers and to Geo for hosting! Tom
  5. BFR, Please send your addie' when you get a chance.... Thanks again for doing this swap year after year! Tom
  6. Geo, Sign me up.... pattern TBD Thanks!
  7. Hey Geo... I have not been around in a while but when I stopped in I saw this swap and cannot resist (After all, it's almost FISH ON time)... it looks like you listed Yellow Bomber twice... would it be very "cheeky" of me to try and sneek in this "closed" swap taking one of his spots??? so... what do you say.... ok with you yellow bomber? Tom
  8. Fred, I tinkered with Taxidermy years ago and here is where I got my supplies: http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/ Tom
  9. The line setup up is your second description ({fly line/ furled leader/ mono leader/ fly}) I second Kathy Scott's video. This is what I used to learn how to make them. The mono is your tippet (you cans set it up with a small loop to loop connection too... Tom
  10. When I was younger, I tried my hand at taxidermy. One of my “experiments” was a ring necked pheasant. Needless to say, as it turned out, I would not win any awards with the quality of the mount. I still have it, Hidden … errr…Retired to the closet. That said, over the years, I have picked feathers off the mount to tie flies…. Count me in the guilty group! Tom
  11. I received my flies today! Very nice flies...... Thanks folks and Bill for hosting! Tom
  12. got mine too.... very nice set of flies !!!! thanks all and thanks again BB for hosting! Tom
  13. My flies arrived today (I think they went via pony express ) Nice bunch of flies!! Thanks folks and RRSS for hosting! Tom
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