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  1. Nice popper Phish, great airbrush job what hook are you using? thanks, Devin
  2. I agree, I've caught a bunch of big 'gills on that leech. Fish it on the dead drift or under a thingamabobber.
  3. Piker20, and rec3334 great flies! Thanks for posting!
  4. Clear Cure Goo--finishes off all wingcases nicely. Maybe it is too expensive, but it really increases durability especially on turkey and pheasant tail. To be specific...clear cure goo hydro is what you want to use.
  5. Thanks guys, I'll give the deer hair one a shot!
  6. I like a chartreuse nymph, with orange legs, just dubbing and ostrich herl as the body, and two biots for the tail. Simple, effective.
  7. The rexlace, and stretch tubing from craft stores does wonders on nymphs, instead of paying for a small spool of ribbing from the fly shop, you can buy 100yds for 2 bucks.
  8. Awesome, wrapping only the first 2/3 with lead will give it some action underwater!
  9. In Maryland, we have a bunch of canals that are loaded with carp that feed on the mulberry hatch each year. I've been tying a few berries, but wanted to know what's your favorite fly for Carp? And if anyone else has a fav mulberry pattern? Materials: MFC Scud Hook Size 8 GSP 75 Denier 3mm Purple Foam (Tied in sections) 2mm Light Green Foam (Tail) Sharpies
  10. Lazer Trokar are top of the line, but the sc-15 is a great hook. There is no weight to ep, and a hook like the Trokar can get the fly down.
  11. I use hand crank as well, and it is my experience that a handmade one will not do a perfect brush compared to something like the Spirit River block, I think it's all in the spinning of the handle, try doing it slow and then working up to a faster speed.
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