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  1. I would like to fish some streams in Wisconsin and I was recommended to try hoppers in size 16. My smallest hoppers are size 12 and I can't find any for sale around me smaller than 12. I was thinking of tying up some Stonefloppers by Cheech and AZ Wandering's mini hoppers. Does anyone have any recommendations for tying such small hoppers or other hopper patterns I should try? I was thinking of tying up or buying some stimulators in sz.16. It seems to me that size 16 is kind of small for fiddling with foam so any non-foam patterns would be especially appreciated. Thank you.
  2. J. Stockard is having a sale on River Road foam cutting sets and I would like to pick one up but I can't decide which one. I fish for everything freshwater including trout, bass, panfish, and northern pike. For those of you that have experience with River Road, which set would you recommend? Thank you.
  3. I'm tying some San Juan Worms up for stocker trout and am wondering how long the chenille should be. I'm currently leaving a hook's gap distance hanging over the front and over the rear of the hook. Does that sound about right? Thank you.
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