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  1. ive been wanting to find a fly line that i can count down to certain depths faster than the line im using now. intermediate takes way to long to count down and i dont like the sink tips cause the line behind the sinking portion doesnt hardly sink at all. i also want to be able to keep the fly in that zone while i strip it so i dont want something that will sink so fast that i cant keep up. now i know NOTHING about shooting heads but reading up on them kiinda seems like what im looking for. but they also seem very complicated. so if anyone can help me with what i should get. that would be great. i use 8 wts one redington predator 7 foot 10 inches and i also have a white river fly shops 9 foot. i need to know line to use for the running line and what to get for the shooting head. thanks, sniksoh
  2. I get alot of wierd looks here in iowa fly fishing the lakes out of my boat. My favorite thing people tell me is "are you fly fishing? Ya know theres no trout in here"... My response is " sure there are!...they love these 2/0 lime green poppers im throwin at em"
  3. anyone use strike indicators much for largemouth. i was thinkin about some new tactics to try last night and strike indicators popped in my head just wonderin if anyone has any success with them fishing for largemouth
  4. nevermind eventually found it on google. found this website if anyone was interested malinco.com
  5. thanks for the input guys. been looking for #4 or #5 leader wire but when i type that into google i dont get much to come up. all ive seen on google and in local stores is 60 - 90 pound leader wire. is this right?
  6. with the weather we are having here in iowa (multiple weeks of temps between 95 and 100 and no rain) ive been tying up some flies to get a little deeper down were the bass are hangin out during mid day. decided to tie some muddlers tonight to use on sinking line to get to those fish. i have yet to accomplish catching largemouth in deeper water, if any of you do this much im willing to take any advise. anyway, back to the topic. tryin a new weed guard made from .010 music wire, you may have seen this before premaid on hooks used for spinning tackle. im hoping it works well.if you have any experience using this style of weed guard i would love to know what you think of it.
  7. What a coincidence, im working at the firestone plant right now as an electrician. No trout down here in des moines. Their all up in the northern part of the state. most the lakes around des moines have tge same species of fish in them. Bass, bluegill, crappie, channel catfish, and carp. I usually fish lake aquahbi in indianola, About a half an hour south of des moines. its got alot of nice bass in it. Greys lake right outside downtown des moines also has some nice fish in it.
  8. i need to order some of those tools for the dremel. are those the three sizes they come in?
  9. I fish for most of those species here in iowas lakes. I started with a 5 wt but eventually got an 8 wt redington predator. I by far like the 8 wt over the 5. it would be a little heavy for gills but I have a seperate 4 wt for that.
  10. sorry about picture size trying to resize them right now. **update**: pictures resized
  11. anything im forgetting? (flies, colors, etc.) subsurface side left to right, top to bottom: flashabou streamer whistler murdich minnow diamond hair streamer rump shaker (bluegill colors) woolhead sunfish (in database) troutbuster's deerhead rabbitstrip baitfish hardhead shad (in database) wormhook shad (in database) shannons streamer 7 inch rabbit strip worms coyote clousers pat ehlers grim reaper pat ehlers foamtail super worm conehead bunny leach dumbell eye bunnyleach grubs (marabou tail, estaz body, dumbell eyes) wilsons bass bully crayfish patterns floating fly side is pretty self explainatory
  12. Never heard of any flies tied with turkey beard. Its a very coarse, thick, wirey, hair.
  13. Anyone know of a website that has a step by step for the messinger frog? Cant seem to find anything
  14. the kdm rat fly rides hook point up. kevin doran designed it. he bends the hook like whats been said and trims the fly reversly, flatside on top of hook shank.then when he is done trimming he puts epoxy on the flat side of the fly to add weight. look it up on google. on kevin dorans website he sells a dvd showing how to tie it. i dont think the dvd is neccessary cause the pictures pretty much explain it
  15. my coartland precision plus sinking line is clear camo. lts transparent but the line is dyed brown and green
  16. thanks guys. what tippets and leaders did you use?
  17. im headed up to minnesota here in a few weeks to try to catch some pike. i have never done this so i need a little help. first off what are some of your top producing flies and in what colors? another question is what type of tippet do you use to avoid the pike cutting through the line with thier teeth? what type of leader? any other suggestions would be great. thanks, sniksoh
  18. ive decided to try some balsa poppers. carved up a couple bodies today and there is no consistancy between the two what so ever. just wondering if any one had some tips on makeing my balsa poppers look somewhat the same.
  19. courtland makes a line called fairplay. this will be my next sinking line. its only 21.99. sinks at 3.5-4 inches per sec. i have the rio precision now... it sinks 1.25-2 inches per sec. kinda regret getting it though, it was around 70 bucks and like JSzymczyk said its already beat up after 2 seasons.
  20. went out to one of my favorite lakes today. was about 95 degrees out and the water temperature was damn near the same...started fishing for some gills with a hopper and dropper fly and this happened... yup, 2 fish one cast.
  21. great fly! what kind of synthetic hair is that?
  22. you could put them in the plastic tackle boxes that the spin fisherman use. just take out all the inserts and then you will have 4 or 5 long compartments to store the strips in
  23. are you tying your craft fur with a dubbing loop?
  24. correct me if im wrong but isnt there alligators in sc? thats the last watercrraft that ide wanna be in haha. :crazy:
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