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  1. love all the flies man, sure wish they were in the database so i could book mark em.
  2. how did you tie the marabou in? it looks great!
  3. its half way between so its both! yellow-green and green-yellow :dunno:
  4. i know it may be a little against the rules of fly tying but i use eagle claw streight shank hooks. 1/0 amd 2/0. about 3.50 for 50 of em, get em at wally world. super glue the eyes usually hackle or magnum bunny strips for the tails on mine. throw a little marabou in front of em. krystal flash also
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: bloody minnow
  6. i dont know if im right or not, but i think the lead makes the rear of the fly sit lower in the water therefor you can get a "walk the dog" action
  7. what do you use to color your foam cylindars?
  8. 12 guage shell works alright. although you dont have the sleeve like most do
  9. Probably ordered small sized Skulls? I have been tying with them a good bit this winter, I have been using the small size for #6 patterns and medium for #2's! Love the pattern! yep small size. never really fish flies this small but maybe it willl be good for early spring when the water is still cold
  10. its only about 2.75" inches long. its on a number 6 hook. a little smaller than what i usually tie, i ordered the wrong size fish skullz, so i was just seein what i could do with em
  11. here is what it looks like when its wet.
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: Hard Head Shad
  13. egg sinker and a small screw in hook like the one in kirks post is what i use. put some super glue in the hole of the sinker and then slide the hook in. works great
  14. are thos the actuall "fly lipps" product or do you make your own?
  15. man ide love to see how one of these does with a rabbit strip tail. think that would be to much for the deer hair to hold up?
  16. the bass pro shops near me has a 10' ascend kayak for 299.99 brand new looks wide enough to stand up and room on the back to store stuff. i heard that they are made by tracker boats so i would assume its good quality. here the link to it: http://www.basspro.com/Ascend-A10-Sit-In-K...213817/-1764058
  17. wow, never thought this would be dug back up lol. 2006, i dont even remember posting this
  18. its slotted foam with adhesive back that you can cut and put into your fly box. got this picture from an old post on another forum. feather-craft use to sell it but i couldnt find it on there website. googled it but came up with nothing. i need a fairly large peice (atleast 11" x 8")
  19. i added some red for gills. makes it not so plain lol. hopefully the hair acts as kind of a weedguard.
  20. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: worm hook shad
  21. was lookin around on google for flies to tie on worm hooks and came across this site. http://www.bayflyfishing.com/flytying.htm i know they are saltwater flies but i think they could make some pretty killer shad or bluegill immitations.
  22. well i have a six weight now and i have a hard time pulling bass out of weeds and muck with it. i fish the kdm rat fly alot wich is on top of the mats and when the bass grab it and pull it through i just want a rod that i can pull them out with. do you think i will be ok with an 8 weight? an intermediate is a full sink line isnt it? as you can tell i havnt bought much line or rods and im trying to get toknow more about em.
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