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  1. what size line should i go with. do i match it to the rod or the reel?
  2. i think imj gonna go with the ross fly stik 10wt. what size line should i get with this? or does anyone have any suggestion on line type. i dont want to spend to much on line, was thinkin of getting bass pro shops bass bug line.
  3. ive heard both just wonderin your guys take on it.
  4. well i used a black and chartreuse coyote wich has a blade on it. fished it for about two hours with nothing.
  5. ive been trying all this on a new pond for the past 4 days and havnt caught anything but one gill on a clouser. im thinkin the pond may have started turning over, the water is reall muddy, only about a foot of visibility. thats the only thing i can think of why they arent biting. but today we have winds up to 60 mph so hopefully that will stir the pond up and get the turnover done with. drove by it today and it was white capping lol.
  6. usually once the temperatures start to drop after summer is when i slow down on fishing and start getting ready for hunting. well i want to get out and catch some more bass, but i never really fish bass in the fall. so i have a few questions. if you guys could help me it would be great. the water temp around here is about 60 degrees. air temps are around 65-70 during the day and 45-55 at night. i know shad flies are good but any particular ones? what kind of presentation? were should i be looking for the bass? what other flies should i try?
  7. day5, what do you mean by fast?
  8. i have a 9ft 5/6 wt rod right now and i love it its perfect for fishing open water with light flies. but this past season i had alot of trouble pulling fish out of weeds and slop with it. also when fishing from the boat the 9 ft rod is a little lengthy. i thought about buying one of the sage bass series but after seeing the price thats out of the question. i am looking for a rod that will cast big flies and horse fish out of cover. i also want it short under 8' would be nice. and i dont want to break the bank buying one. any suggestions?
  9. i would love to see a step by step for that fly!
  10. good point day5 i think i will tie your version. :thumbup:. hey day5 were do you get your barred zonker tails?
  11. im gonna be tying a few of these up this weekend. this thing looks awesome!!! fly video!!!
  12. what size beadchain should i use?
  13. thanks guys i think i need to be tying my clousers differently, the dumbells i use make the thing sink like a rock when i stop stripping...should i be using bead chain?... and does the placement of the eyes on the shank make a difference?
  14. hey guys, i havnt been on in a while its been pretty busy at work. anyways. i havnt done much fishing with whistlers, clousers, and bunny leeches and i was wondering, whats the best way to present them, or how have you fished them in the past to get the most strikes from largemouths? thanks sniksoh
  15. thats awesome! what is the blue underneath made of?
  16. first try with painting foam and epoxy i will definitly be doing more of these
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: The First of Many
  18. any one have any suggestions on early spring flies for largemouth? i think a whistler fly or a crawdad fly would be a good choice...what do you think? any other suggestions?
  19. what material is the body made of on that fly and how does it stay formed aaround the popper head?
  20. today the ice on one of my favorite farm ponds has dissapeared and im thinkin about getting out tomorow and trying to catch some gills. probably a litlle early but im so anxiouse i gotta try it. any suggestions on technique and flies?
  21. got mine today. these are awesome. thanks for hosting rich
  22. i tried some foam body painting but it just turned into a dissaster. do you put something on the foam body before you paint?
  23. didnt get around to it last week, mine went out today.
  24. these are the ones im looking at. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...010000_100-10-2
  25. ive been looking around for 60 degree jig hooks on line and ive noticed some have the hook eye turned the opposite way (flat) , does it matter wich one i get? is there a difference in presentation or anything?
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