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  1. do u think it will still catch fish if the red is on top???
  2. oooooohhh....yeah, i think my knots are secured???
  3. oh yeah!!!i cant wait!!! :headbang:
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: bleeding minnow (click link for more info)
  5. sniksoh

    A day off

    thats hot!!! 125??? i would die!!!
  6. check out these mullberry flies i just tied!!!red, purple,and a red purple combination!!! think they would eat it???or will they not like the "shinyness" (lol)
  7. would #6 fly line and 20 pound backing work??? on a #5/#6 wt pole??? or would they break that???
  8. actually i would suggest not tying those first...i am also a beginner but my first flies were BIG!!! do a wooly bugger and then go to smaller sizes. also, the foam flies are sooooo easy!!!! try them, even though that they are bluegill flies. i guess if u made a brown foam hopper...you could catch some trout.but, then again...im a warm water fisherman, so i could be, and probably am, wrong. oh and congrats on your your first vise!!!
  9. no never heard of it...is it a LM bass fly???
  10. how the heck do u get the line through the hook eye with that "shot glass" (lol) covering it???
  11. i used it the first year i started tying...IT WORKED LIKE CRAP FOR ME!!! 1)it unravels off the hook in water 2)its alot weaker 3)it doesnt hold cement good, it just sucks it up 4)the fly goes bad after the first time u use it 5)THE FLY FALLS APART!!! then i found out that fly tying thread is actually cheaper!!! I WOULDNT USE SEWING THREAD IF I WERE U....TRUST ME!!!
  12. nice fly!!! what is that little plastic funnel lookin thing on the eye the hook???
  13. madkasel, can u send a pic of that white foam fly???
  14. i saw on google that they like maul berries??? do u think if i made a "egg" pattern with a bunch of clumps of little hot glue balls and colored it red or purple?think it would work???
  15. i live near a pond and they are going to stock it with grass carp??? does anyone know any good flies to fish for them??? :dunno:
  16. i dont care if he joins...i tied seven anyways???
  17. i got a new rod and reel combo today, and it said on the package that it is a #5/#6 weight? as u can see i am a new b to fly fishing and i dont know what this means... ...can u help me?
  18. can u put them both (ant and caddis) in the fly pattern database?
  19. sniksoh

    The JERK.

    i would of thrown that beer can right back a him...was he drunk?
  20. sniksoh


    i went to sportsmans warehouse the other day and i saw a fly pole and reel combo for $50.i think it was made by silver streams?has anyone heard of this brand?and if u have is it a good brand?
  21. dont let pets get into the poison...it will kill them.they smell the poison and it smells sweet and then they drink it. :crying:
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