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  1. thats ok... thanks anyways. im new to the whole swap[ thing and i dont really get how its done.do you send the flies to the sm and then he sends them to the other people...i just dont get it at all???
  2. gat a bungee cord, u know the ones that have the hooks on the end, and cut it open,what do u see?...A WHOLE CRAP LOAD OF RUBBER LEGS!!!!! I MEAN THIS IS LIKE A LIFE TIME SUPPLY!!!!! ITS AWESOME!!!
  3. i went to a garage sale the other day and bought a rabbit fur. its not the mask but its the back fur of the rabbit.does any one know the uses for it.
  4. will some one please start a bluegill swap???
  5. what do u collect the bugs for???
  6. SWEET!!! i need to make a fly tying bench because all i use is my computer dask and have to keep all my materials in a little tupaware cabinet!!!lol also i dont really have any room.
  7. that is freakin funny... lol!!!!
  8. heylong ears what is the url for the other site...just curiose to see what the came up with
  9. what if im not over 18??? what do i have to do
  10. does the swa miester make all the swaps or can u make your own???
  11. can someone tell me how this fly swap thing works...ive never done it before and im looking into doing it sometime.
  12. sweeet!!! how did u get the body like that???
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: bluegill popper (click link for more info)
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: wooly bugger (click link for more info)
  15. i want to put a pic underneath my name but it says the size is to big??? can any one tell me how to resize it???
  16. the one i ordered has a adjustable "vise holder"....it goes frrom 3/8 in. to about 1.5 in.
  17. well the description said it weighs 6 POUNDS!!! i would think it would be pretty stable.
  18. i just bought a pedastel on ebay for my vise and i wanted to know what u guys thought of them. just give me a list of the pros and the cons, please. -thanks- :yahoo:
  19. i just wanted to know what everyones favorite bluegill fly is. thanks!!!
  20. mine was a wooly bugger!!! i still got it also.
  21. ok, ive just made a popper out of balsa wood and i just coated it with 3-min epoxy.what kind of paint do i use to paint it...acrylics???
  22. my dad got a bunch of mushrooms, and i was wondering if anyone knows some different ways to cook them?
  23. im tying a fly with mylar to make it look like a monnow...what material should i use for the tail
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