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  1. yeah its pat elhers grim reaper. i guess i could try e mailing him.
  2. do you think its tied on with a dubbing loop or how do you think it is tied in?
  3. can any one tell me what this guy uses for the flashy body material under the rubber legs of this fly? http://www.rainysflies.com/siteassist_imag...es/480/125a.jpg
  4. HOLY COW!!! :bugeyes: HOW LONG IS THAT THING!!! great tie though, love the colors.
  5. comin your way sometime this week. thanks for hosting rich!
  6. i have the albright A-5 #6 and love it. i also have two albright bugati reels and they are great also
  7. thanks, never fished em yet...was at basspro the other day and saw some so i decided to tie some up. i have caught many bass on hula poppers with spinning gear though, so there is no reason this fly shouldnt work good.
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: Dancing Frog
  9. just bumpin this up the list, can anyone help me out?
  10. ive had some people tell me to add a size to sinking line when i buy it... i have a 6 weight so should i buy a 7 weight line?...why is this?
  11. did you use dumbell eyes to weight it?
  12. i like it. i think the body should be a little thicker though
  13. tied up one of those sub bugs. these things are pretty sweet. checked out the subbug victims tab on that site, and after seeing those bass i just had to tie one. will this fish hook point up or down?...probably a dumb question but i didnt know if the deer hair would counter act the dumbell eyes somehow...
  14. yeah they are 3d molded stick on eyes
  15. i used both but mostly a razor
  16. thanks bruce! i will do that on my next attempt. i was morely trying to get the perfect shape on this one but now that i think i have that down i will get the collar right on the next one. i have a couple shadow boxes that i need to put flies in. one thing i didnt like on this fly was the tail it just isnt the right color. all i had was olive hackle and i havent been able to find kelly green hackle.
  17. i have noticed after fishing deer hair flies for a period of time that they eventually absorb water and almost start to sink...am i supposed to be putting floatant on them?...and if so what kind should i use?
  18. was browsing the net and i found these flies... does anyone know what he uses for the lips on those flies or were he gets them... i am also wondering how he ties them in...
  19. just be careful with the epoxy ive had many epoxy syringes that seem to leak everywere if they arent standing up right. even with the cap on
  20. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: Dahlberg diver
  21. it says they have em in stock here?... http://howardfilmsstore.com//merchant.mvc?...tegory_Code=DVD
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