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    yeah pretty good!...hope it catches em
  2. are there any careers in fly tying, and if so what schooling would u go to for it????
  3. sorry, i didnt even know this sight had a patern database...oops!
  4. im looking for largemouth bass paterns to catch large moth bass...of course.
  5. does any one no any good websites that gives good instructions for tying paterns???
  6. ok...i am going to try deer hair one last time...any advise. man do i hate this stuff!!!!!
  7. ok.......i am pretty much a begginer at fly tying and i can never find a patern that i have all the materials to tie it......i know a person who ties flies and she has a crapload of materials.how do i get started?
  8. i was just wondering if anyone could put some pictures of patterns of blugill flies that u have used?
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