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  1. dont really know how to do a bunch at a time while powder painting...shouldnt take to long to powder paint though...just heat, dip, that wait a few seconds for it to cool. i think im gonna paint the pupils with testors like you said and i think i will also use the cardboard idea from bruce to paint all the pupils... i dont know what to clear coat them with...it would probably be pretty quick if i could find some kind of spray clear coat...know of any?
  2. oops! meant to spell paint on the title...
  3. i just ordered a bunch of plain lead dumbell eyes, and i am going to powder paint them for the base coat but i have no clue what type of paint to use on the black pupil of the eye... can anyone help?
  4. oh duh :wallbash: i dont know why i didnt realize that by the inch mark next to the numbers now i really feel dumb, haha. thanks jszymczyk
  5. when i buy lead dumbell eyes from a fly shop i always buy the ones in size medium. well i was gonna order some 100 pack plain lead dumbell eyes from canadian llama but the only give the actual weight of the lead eye. can anyone tell me what weight a "medium" dumbell eye is? here is the exact link: http://www.canadianllama.com/index.php?mai...;products_id=92
  6. thanks guys i will take a picture of the first fish, LOVE THE APEX!!! although anything is better then what i was tying on before (11 dollar sunrize vice). the apex holds hooks great, and i love being able to rotate the fly for observations.
  7. sorry for the fuzzy picture
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: poison dart frog
  9. trust me that list will double if not triple if you stick with it. you could tie bunny leeches with the rabbit strips, those work good for bass.
  10. sniksoh


    would love to see a step by step on this fly so i can add this to my bass box.
  11. i want to tie some but need to see the deer hair technique first. does anyone know were i can find a step by step or a video? its the deer hair mouse that doesnt have the tips of the deer hair trimmed on the back. is the deer hair stacked or spun?
  12. well i fish for bass in still water. i was questioning this because i noticed when fishing with rabbit hide it floats for some time before it sinks. i want this fly to sink just beneath the surface and also "suspend" or sink very slowly when i stop stripping. should i tie it weighted or unweighted? and if weighted lead wire or cone head?
  13. i have a limited amount of rabbit strips left and ive never really used the pattern, so im just trying to get some suggestions on wich would be best for me to tie.
  14. ok thanks. i should probably start searching before i go and post stuff. haha
  15. i was wondering if anyone has ever powder painted plain lead dumbell eyes. i would assume you could do it just like a jig head. am i correct?
  16. found this site. http://www.canadianllama.com/index.php?mai...er_of_uploads=0 they sell 100 packs for 5 dollars. dont know if the site i legit or not? what do ya think?
  17. :hyst: i tried d's flies but his site must be down.
  18. does anyone know were i can get plain lead dumbell eyes, with no paint on them, in bulk?
  19. those are awesome shots. thats pretty cool that the last goose has a tag on his leg.
  20. i have a 6 pound pedestal and it has worked fine. its rediculously heavy haha. it will adapt to any vise shaft so im not worrid about the base. i like how the apex has the machined grooves in the jaws. i really have my eye on that one. spending over a hundred dollars on a vise is over budget for me...anything is better then what im tying on now. its a sunrise vice i got off ebay for 12 bucks...it sucks.
  21. well ive done some research and as of right now im leaning more towards the apex. but if anyone has any other suggestions please post them. thanks.
  22. anyone stacked hair with the apex?
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