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  1. im looking for a new vice. right now im tying on a cheapy ebay vice. im done with the frustration on this vice its not sturdy at all. im looking for a vice that will hold hooks up to 2/0. i also tie panfish flies every now and then so it needs to be able to hold smaller hooks also. i dont want to spend over 100 dollars either... what do you suggest?
  2. i was asking cause i was trying to think of a way to cover the clue and nail polish scent like some of you said. what do you guys use to do that. does rubbing them in dirt or moss really work? i was thinking of spraying some of my scent killer (that i usually use for bowhunting) on my flies...think that would work? figured this would be a pretty lively topic. i havent used scent on my flies but have used scented worms with my spinning gear.
  3. i was wondering if anyone used scent spray on thier flies and if you do what kind of scent do you use. never tried the stuff but the thought just popped in my head.
  4. hey fred, what do you use to shape the foam?
  5. pelhament, i will try the braid. how do you keep the braid together...do you just knot it when your done braiding? jszymczyk i was using estaz if that matters.
  6. i have been fishing furled worms lately and when i cast it enough times to catch a fish it always loses some of its furled chinnele. when i first tie the fly on the line, it has tight curls but as i fish it it becomes loose and the chinnele is only ends up wrapped a few times around itself. when i tie them i use two lengths of chinnelle then pinch them together with hackle pliers and twist them 75 times then fold them and tie off creating the furl. is there something im doing wrong?
  7. caught this guy on it today sorry about the pic it was taken on my phone.
  8. well they kinda caught me off guard when they asked me to go so i just quickley grabbed my stuff and jumped in the truck. my spinning gear is in the garage cause i dont really care about it much and my flytying stuff was hung up and stashed away neatly in my room. and we had 2 people in a 10 foot john boat so that wouldnt have worked out to well. haha
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: chartreuse tipped worm
  10. went out on a private pond with my neighbor and caught some very nice smallies. the biggest was 18 inches. that was a hell of a fight. unfortunately i didnt catch them on fly gear but they were still fun 18" smallie 16" smallie double!
  11. no its not an actual jig it has dumbell eyes and an epoxy head
  12. i havnt really tried top yet i did a few days ago and caught 1. fred is electric plum purple?
  13. had a good day at a local farm pond. i took pictures of the bigger fish...also caught alot of dinks (if the pictures are side by side its the same fish) all fish were caught on this fly
  14. i want to use this fly for spawning bass but i have no clue how to tie it. Mad_Mud_Dog_9_colors_small.bmp i cant figure out what the head is made of or how it keeps its shape.
  15. can anyone tell me what the material that makes up the back and belly on this fly?
  16. a hair packer ffrom a 12 guage shell. punch the primer out. i like it better than my brassies.
  17. anyone use these for anything fly tying or fishing related? i got some the other day. i have tons of the small kind that fit tightly on a tooth pick...i also have two tubes that can fit over my pinky finger...any thoughts?
  18. yeah i know of the coyote but its not really "in-line" if you know what i mean. i have a few tied up but i look at the coyote more as a small spinnerbait. i tied a wooly bugger like the one mentioned above and it did not work. the blade didnt spin at all, just kinda dangled down like a weight. i did leave room for it to spin so i dont know whats going on. probably because i put it right on the hook. i think i need a clevis but how would i put a clevis on the hook? any thoughts?
  19. yeah i could probably cast the smaller ones, but we were using the large ones. i got to thinking maybe a wooly bugger with a small willow blade in between two beads behind the eye of the hook. think it would work?
  20. i went fishing on easter sunday and unfortunately it was pretty windy so i didnt get the fly rod out. we were nailing them on in-line spinners. he caught 2 bass and a crappie and i caught 4 bass. i was wondering if anyone knew of a fly that resembles an in-line spinner. here is a pic of a double me and my little brother pulled out. all fish were released safely
  21. sniksoh


    i have a cheaper sunrise vice and the hook always slips around in the jaws. is there anything i can do to the jaws so they dont slip?
  22. well the ponds i fish arent to big so i can hit every part of the pond with the fly if thats what your talking about
  23. the weather has been up and down. one day we will have temps into the 60's then the next it will be 20's. ive been catching gills on nymphs while they are warming up in the shallows on the warmer days. but i havent been able to get any bass. i have tried worm patterns, crayfish patterns, and baitfish patterns through out the water column fast and slow. i cant wait till they start hitting topwater but until then can anyone help me hook some, please and thankyou, sniksoh
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