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  1. never mind i found it on google, thanks fred, and everyone else that posted.going today after school and i hope i catch something
  2. could you post a pic of that fly fred?
  3. its a very small one acre pond. if that. and it is muddy from the recent ice melt and rain. but i hope i can catch some. i read in a normal fishing forum and they say theve been catching them on jigs so i think ill try that pigboat fly i made and hope for the best.
  4. what do you think i should use for gills?
  5. no pike or perch around me haha. it was friday when it melted so its been a few days. the ponds that im fishing have no ice at all. and it rained non stop yesterday. i dont know if that matters or not.
  6. lets try this one more time ha ha i dont know why i dont get any success on these posts. the ice just melted. some ponds still have a little ice so the water is still pretty cold. i want to get out and catch some gills and LM bass but i dont really know what to use this early in the season...any help?
  7. so if they are going after large flies i would assume they are pretty active?
  8. the ice has just very recently melted of the ponds here. i thik it was fridy when it was gone. i posted this about a week ago with little results but the water is still very cold obviously, does anyone know any good flies for largemouth during this time?
  9. sniksoh

    Way off Topic

    that is a bunch of bs. they are trying to ban assault rifles also because of all the drug trafficing in mexico and i guess assault rifles from the us are getting smuggled over there. i say lets be concerned about our own country. if they wanna kill eachother over crack, let em.
  10. im getting alot of "cannot display" pages on the hatches site...mainly through out the blog stuff. if i go to the hatches site and click blogs it says cannot be displayed and in other areas in the hatches blog places.
  11. there we go thankkyou smalliehunter
  12. it just isnt working for me i get the cannot display webpage all the time and its happening on all 3 of my computers...
  13. yeah i got it working but occasionaly i get a "webpage cannot be displayed" pop up like if i type the adress in my url box i wont go to the site it says it cant be displayed. the adress is hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/warmwateradventures
  14. i tried this and got to the logon activation but whenevr i click it it says web page cant be displayed?
  15. well by the looks of the weather we should be getting soft water next week. does anyone know any good patterns for LM bass after ice out. if you do could you give some tips how to fish them. thanks sniksoh
  16. personaly i think it looks like felt. looks like someone singed the edges with a lighter...i havnt worked with fury foam but wouldnt furry foam float? felt would look like that if you ran a piece of velcrow across it.
  17. yes i did in the database it shows the lead. its actually lead tape i got from a fly shop it is lead with a sticky adhesive on the back. then i coated the bottom with epoxy. i think the lead is necessary becaus it keeps the fly upright so it lands on the belly.
  18. this will be used to pull across thick weed mats
  19. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: KDM Rat
  20. i think they were just cuddling.
  21. on the kdm rat do you have to bend the hook? is th reason for doing this just for better hook ups?
  22. does the one you tied have any weight on it?
  23. i dont think i could weight it on top and also spin deer hair at the same time.
  24. i was thinking about how many big bass i have caughten on a jig and pig and i came up with this. its just a pigboat on a jig hook with dumbell eyes. what do you think. constructive criticism please.
  25. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: modified pigboat
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