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  1. Tinman


    I have been a fan for years and this Hamilton kid is the best thing to come along in a very long time. Shumacher never started this well. But please, enough about Shumacher. He's retired, let him go. I'm a Kimi fan though not necessarily a Ferrari backer. This season shows great hope for an excitling year of racing. If only there was a glimmer of hope to hear the Star Spangle Banner some Sunday morning. Scott Speed just doesn't seem to have the commitment it takes to make it in F1. Heading back Europe, now the games begin.
  2. Troutguy, I pretty much use the pink combinations (pinkand white, pink and blue, pink and red etc) for Seatrout, but have been known to hookup a largemouth bass on occassion. I loved both swaps. Both created a great group of flies. Can't wait for the opportunity, and time, to participate in another. Brian
  3. My bunch of flies arrived yesterday. What a great collection of flies and styles. I'm a self taught tier and having different variations of patterns in front of me helps to correct my mistakes or misinterpretations of patterns. Books and downloaded patterns just don't stand up to the real thing. Thanks guys for such a lesson learned and a great experience. Thank you Lineside for leading this swap. Brian
  4. My bunch arrived on Monday and I felt like a kid at Christmas. :yahoo: Thank you for making my first swap so much fun. What a great bunch of flies. Nice job everyone. :headbang: Thanks Merle for hosting. Brian
  5. My tying time is to get away from it all. No Ipod, no tv, no radio. Just me and the dog.
  6. 12 flies in the mail today.
  7. Flies are about done. Just need an address. Tinman
  8. Flies are on their way. Tinman
  9. My 8 flies are ready for mailing. Please PM address. Brian
  10. I'm in! Pink and blue, or white and blue.
  11. I'm in. My only question not answered, so far, is how do we get in contact for where I send the flies that I have tied?
  12. Can I join the fun? This will be my first so if you can talk me through what is expected that would be appreciated.
  13. A positive and healthy outlook go a long way toward recovery. Believe in the power of prayer. You have our prayers. May God Bless You. Brian
  14. Nice looking and simple pattern. I bet it would great over here on the east coast in a pink or peach coloring. Good work. Tinman
  15. Good lookin flies. I visited the Little River Outfitters over the summer and what a shop!!! Get people, great supplies and great programs that they offer. Can't wait to get ack up there again this summer.
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