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  1. I got my flies today just in time for the summer run :yahoo: They are awesome guys!!! Thanks for hosting Jon. I"m going to try to get out this weekend to try them out.
  2. That sounds good. The mail is so screwed up I hope they get back to every one ok.
  3. I realy hope you get them soon . I had a 15 lb steelie destroy an esl :yahoo: ! The summer run is allmost on here.
  4. Just courious if all the flies are in yet
  5. I dont mind. The spring run is over here so I wont be fishing them until the fall.
  6. Dropped mine in the mail today. Thanks for hosting this for me. I appreciate the help. Thanks to everyone for participating. I look forward to fishing your flies.
  7. Sorry freshwater shrimp. I had a brain fart.
  8. I will be tying a gray steelhead shrimp. Deadly in great lakes water
  9. Sorry, I should have specified. I was thinking Great Lakes region. If you can host that would be great. :yahoo:
  10. Anyone interested in a steelhead swap. We need a swap master, I have not been in enough swaps so if anyone is willing let me know.
  11. I found a pattern for a giant Michigan mayfly on line and it calls for a dear hair body. My problem is that I can not figure out how to wrap the hair so it stays up like a mayflys tail. If any one can help me I would be very thankfull
  12. So are we not doing this for sure? :dunno: :wallbash:
  13. Three due at once that sounds good. Ill be tying the Yellow May (Stenonema interpunctatum). How do we find out were to send them?
  14. That sounds good how many swapers
  15. Yea I was thinking one nymph one emerger and one adult .If that's fine with everyone. Like I said I'm new so I don't know how this works. Whoever hosts can pick the dead line since they will be organising the whole thing.
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