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  1. Sorry everyone, I've been away on a fishing trip for the last two weeks! GPD4 I will be sending mine immediately, and let you know when they are on their way.
  2. I suddenly wish I had a chair that looked like the flower in that last picture! How comfy! lol Beautiful Terje! Again, great job.
  3. Thanks everyone for the links and advice. DrVette, I appreciate you giving me the detailed advice - it definitely helps reading that and getting an idea of where I am going wrong! Hairwing, Green Highlander - beautiful. A girls best friend may not be diamonds after all. Thanks again all. Back to practicing!
  4. Thanks Dr Vette. Pretty sure I did have an angle with my pull. When you say straight up away, you mean directly horizontal as you wrap the thread, correct? I believe I am pulling towards my body, but down to tighten. Also, you mention "steaming" them back into shape...not exactly sure what you mean? Still learning the lingo. Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. Thanks Yellow Bomber. I'm a little surprised by that response too lol My goal at this point (because there seems to be confusion) is to learn how to tie feather wings properly onto a fly, and the first fly I chose to attempt to do this just happened to be one of Davies classics, because I loved how it looked. This second fly is not a classic trout or salmon pattern at all, just something I put together as I wanted to experiment first and foremost with the recommendations and suggestions I was given on HOW to tie feather wings without the feathers twisting or falling apart. Compared to my first attempt, I'd say I did a lot better - thanks to the fine folks of FTF.
  6. Second attempt. Went much better this time around thanks to all the suggestions. Still not perfect, but vast improvement from the first time.
  7. These are pictures I would have framed in my house! The insects look like glass! Sooo beautiful, great work! LMAO...and then I read the whole thread about the insect porn...I guess I'm one of the ones that would make the industry work
  8. You're right Peterjay. I started tying when I started learning to fly fish, but at that time, I probably only tied three or four flies. I picked it up again two months ago, and I'm sooooo addicted, but I am definitely starting out. Thanks for the advice, it's probably a good idea to get the hang of working with more simpler steps first. The classic trout & salmon flies are sooo beautiful though, I can't help myself
  9. Thanks everyone! So many tips and great advice, I'm definitely going to try this again. It's a little comforting to hear that I'm not just feather-dysfunctional, it sounds like it's actually a more difficult aspect to get right, so that is encouraging. It'll stop me from yelling at my fingers this time around lol. With that first fly, once I realized things were going south and fast, I just wrapped and wrapped to try to get what I had left on, resulting in a really long head and a not so pretty fly, and I definitely wasn't aware of where my thread was going. I'll give it another few go's and post a picture of the next one...Natedubay - I'll letchya know if I join your ranks.
  10. YOWZA. I attempted to tie a SBS from Davies McPhail for a salmon fly. It was the first time I've ever worked with feathers, and I have to admit - making the wings was not as difficult as I had imagined it would be. But tying them on? Completley different story. My fly ended up looking...well...I've attached a picture. I know, I know, I feel sorry for the fly too. Poor little guy didn't stand a chance lol. As you can see, the wings essentially fell apart during the tying, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to keep them together during the process. Any tips/suggestions for when I attempt this again?
  11. Haha, you are welcome..I think? lol Tell Kristin she's in good company. My boyfriend is the reason I started getting into all things fish too, so I can agree from experience that she needs her own account!
  12. Yaay, thanks for taking lead on this gpd4.
  13. LOVE your photos, Dryfly! Photography is a talent I wish I had - so amazing to pull that much detail from such small subjects. Great work, keep posting them!
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