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  1. hi all,,Bryon,,look up grim reaper tying video on youtube,,,,, I put jig/worm rattles on them and instead of the ice chenille for the body I used zonker strips,,,,i dropped a couple in my aquarium and they seemed to come alive,,,,,,really looking forward to trying them out

  2. hi all,,,been seeing some of you posting your tying areas and thought id show my little spot..antique cedar desk,,an old card catalog {great for tying stuff} and a set of yardsale metal drawers,,i made my tool/working surface and my thread holder,,,simple but effective,,,,have to keep it picked up...{ living room },,,,,have a good one,,Go Cards,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bpost-4914-0-40773400-1382921174_thumb.jpg

  3. Hello everyone,,,been awhile since i contributed,,,took a couple year hiatus from tying,,but im happy to say the old juices are starting to flow again,,so,,getting my eyes n fingers back,, i started with some simple {deadly if youre a panfish} flies i use around here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..B..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,post-4914-0-64660700-1358992706_thumb.jpg

  4. Hi,,everyone,,,not new here but been away awhile,,,have taken about a 3 year hiatus from tying,,personal reasons n such,,but trying to get back going again,,,in the last few years i have had to get bifocal lenses. has anyone had difficulty tying after they hav gotten the bifocals? i used to be able to tie for hours but now the old eyes bother me in half the time. I was curious if anyone else had issues? thanks B

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