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  1. Fishing streamers is my favorite fix. I have found nothing that adds flash and action to a fly like Gliss-N-Glow does.
  2. Esox

    Pike tippet

    Tyger Wire is a lot limper and thinner than a heavy mono bite tippet, and allows the fly to swing much more naturally. I will also lie it with an apon loop knot, like a modified Rapala knot with only three turns.
  3. Esox


    Exactly the way I look at it. There have been days I even used the 9 to beat the wind rather than resort to hardware chucking.
  4. Depends on the water you are fishing, but I would consider a 5 wt to be a bit light for smallie fishing, especially on bigger water where you add wind to the equation. They may be "smallmouths" but the forage they want, especially as the season progresses gets to be a but much for a 5 to cast.
  5. Esox


    I will walk 1/2 mile around people when the river has hardly anyone in it. That is the type of water (uncrowded) and courtesy I seek too. If I am the only fisherman in sight, until some dipstick decides he likes the looks of the hole I am fishing, he will take some abuse. No, he will take a LOT of abuse. On crowded water, I just shrug about any transgression off, but usually don't last long till I seek some solitude anyhow, I don't care how much the fish are stacked up, I don't want to stack up too.
  6. Esox

    fly rods

    When I pull out some of my older (less expensive) rods the first thing I notice that aggravates the devil out of me is that they don't have much in the way of dampening. Even a perfect cast falls well short of what I have become accustomed. I believe this because with little dampening, the rod vibrating causes enough extra friction and tiny loops that form and straighten repeatedly as the line is pulled through the guides that it significantly steals distance. Of course there is a point of diminishing returns for how much technology costs vs casting efficiency gains. I for one am willing to pay what it takes to make me happy.
  7. Esox

    fly rods

    For the average or beginning caster there may not be much difference between a bargain bin rod and a rod capable of producing Maserati like line speeds, because the mechanics to utilize this ability just aren't there on the other end of the rod.
  8. My wife picked me up this pair of scissors a while back, and I loved them, but they are a bit beefy for fine work: Last week she brought me these home, Both work great for me, are of very good quality, and offer excellent control. I also keep some other tools on my bench that may be a bit unconventional, a full set of minature electronics tools (Dykes, needlenose, offset needlenose, mini linesman pliers, etc.) A little (2") toolmakers drill press vise that comes in handy for odd jobs. I just use small Plano boxes when I need bulk fly boxes.
  9. Esox

    Carp Flies

    My favorite, and the carps favorite tie, a cloubugger. Fast, simple and effective.
  10. Most of my ties are # 8 and up. More than half of them go on Mustad 34007 and 34011's The rest go on Mustad Signature specialty hooks or Gammys.
  11. With a whip finish, the "tucked" thread if you will, only croses under the overlying wraps once, and never over. Therefore you can get a nice smoth knot. With multiple half hitches the working end tucks under the standing part of the thread, then has to cross back over ithe standing part to start the whole sequence again, outherwise all you would have is a coil, not a series of knots. Edit, Yea what flytier posted while I was typing my post. LOL
  12. I love it! Talk about a time and step saver. Might be good for hoppers too.
  13. Of course smallies are popular. Not many warmwater fish that are as inquisitive as a smallie, nor have as much game as a smallie. :boxing:
  14. Here you go, a video and everything. These are not too tough to tie, and they look deadly. http://hatchesmagazine.com/tv/play.php?vid=130
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