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  1. I'll be in NH in the middle of august, probably aroud the white mountains. will there be any good trout fishing? Thx
  2. Thanks, so what are good flies for sea trout.
  3. What are some good streamer patterns for big brown and sea trout?
  4. Thanks, I have always wonder he thought that. and why white wouls show up better than black or other colors
  5. What colors should you wear while fishing? My grampy always told me not to wear white, this true?
  6. I definitely wade and face upstream if its a strong current
  7. Thanks that helped a lot. Also, what should the grip diameter of a 2wt be? I find that on some rod the grip is a bit bulky
  8. I'm thinking about building a 2wt. This will be the first rod I have build so i have a lot of questions. First I need the blank. Thinking about an american tackle matrix 2wt 2pc blank. Maybe? Also how does the blank size and the reel seat size match up? The diameter of the blank is .269 but most reel seats are .400 Also, should i use a foldable hook keeper or a normal 1?
  9. I think i have finally decided to get the http://shop.wildwaterflyfishing.com/product_p/hx8-096-4.htm rod. But i still need a reel for about 30 - 40$. Which would you suggest?
  10. go with the cabelas rod they have yet to fail me Did u get a combo? Which one?
  11. http://shop.wildwaterflyfishing.com/product_p/ax78-090-4%20pkg.htm Or maybe a 7/8 starter package from wildwater fly fishing?
  12. Thanks everybody, I think I might get this reel and look at the local fly store for a rod. and airflo velocity line.
  13. thanks I forgot to say that I have hardly ever fly fished before and i'm a terrible caster, but i am getting better. Would a switch rod be harder for a beginner to cast? Also, i only will be go salmon fishing 2 or 3 time a year
  14. I'm looking to get a new 8wt rod/reel for salmon. I want to spend 200$ max. So, i'm looking at the Cabela's RLS+ Fly Combo or the Streamlight Ultra Two-Piece Fly Rod Outfits, 7-9 Wt. at LL Bean. Anyone have ethier and what would you recommend. or does anyone have suggestions for an 8wt rod/reel under 200?
  15. These are the ones i'm talking about. Thanks
  16. Anyone use the green machine? Some peole tell me thier a great fly others tell me their no good. What are your opinions? do you like them or not?
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