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  1. SmallieHunter No Prob I'll get rid of them to someone, can't expect you to check the size on every T-Shirt, just KEEP me in mind when you do another order D-Fix says on the label they are allready pre-shrunk
  2. Well what do you recon, only 2 of the shirts are XXL tho they are labelled as Medium so they are mis-labeled The Missus had a look this morning and put them all together and 1 was a Medium, and fits PERFECT, DIPSTICK!!! so only 2 to get rid off , have to think how many friends are a bit on the large side, is it just me thinking this but are most boat skippers, allways a bit on the large size??? and I've got a trip coming up next month so perhaps I can do a bit of bartering. he's a bit on the large side. Perhaps I'll get the Munchies? :hyst: TTFN Kev
  3. Just laid one out flat and measured from underarm to underarm and was 26.5in which means 53in chest big medium
  4. Bit of a understatement...................Beefy
  5. Hi all, Just got my shirts today and very good quailty material but the American sizes seem a bit Err LARGE compared to the UK. Three shirts for sale size Medium (american size Medium) they are Humungous on me, more like a dress than a t-shirt and I take a Medium (UK) 1 Blue Dusk Medium 1 Maroon Medium 1 Pine Medium If theres another order going let me know so i can order some Small.
  6. Just sent $45 by Paypal 1 Blue Dusk Medium 1 Maroon Medium 1 Pine Medium TTFN Kev AKA Welsh Man
  7. Thank You for the update.
  8. Hi All, Can anyone tell me how long before the Forum T shirts are ready, winters on the way over here....... Thanks Welsh Man
  9. Hi Would 40" chest be a size medium in the USA, if so: 1 Blue Dusk Medium 1 Maroon Medium 1 Pine Medium
  10. Can you find out how much the shipping is for 3 shirts?? If it's OK I'll tell you the colour's and the size 40" chest Payment is no problem, use Paypal all the time. Thanks kev
  11. I take it, you've got to live in the usa or canada for ordering and shipping????????????
  12. Thank's All. I know where to come when I'm stuck again, which won't be long.. Tight line's everyone. Kev AKA Welsh Man
  13. Doh, Now I know how Hommer Simpson feels like now. Thanks madkasel, now to go and make some.
  14. Hi All. This could be up for the MUPPET QUESTION of the Month or even Year, but here goes........... Been looking through the forum's on this site for a bit of info, well the main part of tying really, untill you can do this your knackered, what is it I hear you say? How do you start the thread off on the hook, in the first place?? Do you Knot it on, Glue it on?? Every pic or video i've seen, has the thread allready wound on the hook, ready to start building up the Fly. As you can tell, never tied a Fly in my life, would like to so please feel sorry for me, being so stupid but someone out there must be thinking the same. Thanks Kev
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