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  1. Thanks Scott!!! I may have to try that one. Much appreciated.
  2. Wally Wing Spinner Hook: TMC 101, Size 12 Tail: Tan Microfibbits Abdomen: Stripped Badger Quill Thorax: Brown dubbing Wings: Mallard flank Notes: I am hoping to fish more evenings this season in hopes of catching of spinner falls, so I plan to tie a variety of other spinner patterns as well soon and experiment with what works best.
  3. Nice ones, folks!!! @zip, great looking bug.
  4. I have some of those plastic-y fake jungle cock feathers... they are pretty cheap looking and not really worth it, IMO. Tied a few flies with them and it immediately sparked a memory of when I was a little kid and my mom would buy some supermarket brand knockoff of my favorite cereal.
  5. Hillmap.com is also quite useful. It does a split screen and allows several different map options for each side. When you scroll or position on one side, it mirrors the motions on the other. Really handy for cross referencing satellite and topo.
  6. Alright, who else is getting it? With the days getting noticeably longer and the temperatures presently being somewhat mild, I can't help being antsy for opening day on April 1st! I've tied more flies this past winter than any other winter by far, looking forward to putting them to good use more regularly.
  7. Nice set-up! I'm a big fan of Darn Tough socks.
  8. Just your simple, run-of-the-mill Olive Woolly Bugger, size 6. Tail: Olive maribou, two strands of Krystalflash on each side. Body: Olive chenille, .20 pseudo lead underbody. Hackle: Olive grizzly Head: Brass conehead, 5mm
  9. All this bourbon talk has me excited that it's the Friday before a week off... lot's of tying (and bourbon) in the days ahead!
  10. @SBPatt and @zip - Great looking flies, gentlemen!
  11. @Moshup @upstatetrout @Sandan On point with the Catskill style flies, nice work guys!
  12. Glad to see this thread pop back up. It's one of my favorites on my site. Love seeing everyone else's set ups and I think many others do as well. Please post a pic if you haven't already!
  13. Blue Wing Olive Hook: TMC 100, size 18 Tail: Dun Body: Olive super fine dubbing Hackle: Dun Notes: Simple pattern, yet with the batch I tied I kept making minor mistakes, but of the variety that the trout/salmon probably won't notice the difference, but we do.
  14. I think I'd accidentally snip off a fingertip if I tried that! Always nice to see the top dawgs having some fun.
  15. Awesome!!! Looks great. I would love to buy a copy. FWIW, I self-published a running book several years ago. I quickly discovered how much marketing work was needed to drive sales and I totally underestimated that. However, it was a great experience and pocketing a modest amount of coin in the process was a fun bonus. Best of luck!
  16. Very solid. I'm especially impressed with the finesse wrapping of the smaller gauge copper wire for the ab. I always go with a size up just because it's easier to get the touching wraps to behave, but the smaller like you did looks better, IMO.
  17. G Green Lightning Bug Nymph Hook: Size 14, 2XL Tail: Pheasant tail Abdomen: Green flat tinsel Ribbing: Silver wire Thorax: Peacock over .15 pseudo lead Wing casing: Flashabou Wings: Pheasant tail Head: Gold tungsten Notes: Inspiration from Flagler's recent video. Went with green instead of his silver to better match what works in my local waters.
  18. Another Jamie! Sorry, I've got nothing else to add. Bourbon induced post. 🙂
  19. Tungsten Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Nymph Hook: TMC 5262, size 16 Underbody: .15 pseudo lead Tail: Pheasant tail Abdomen: Pheasant tail Ribbing: Copper wire Thorax: Peacock hurl Hackle: Hungarian Partridge Bead: Tungsten Notes: Pretty easy and fun tie; very effective to boot. Hermes, as usual, pretty much only likes to be nearby when I'm tying flies. Surprisingly, he's never showed interest in the feathers or any other materials.
  20. Looks great Cool set-up. I like the fold-down desk.
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