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  1. 20210227_150555.thumb.jpg.cf773af86ce34d5ff5dabb1b9de50c46.jpg

    Wally Wing Spinner

    Hook: TMC 101, Size 12

    Tail: Tan Microfibbits

    Abdomen: Stripped Badger Quill

    Thorax: Brown dubbing

    Wings: Mallard flank

    Notes: I am hoping to fish more evenings this season in hopes of catching of spinner falls, so I plan to tie a variety of other spinner patterns as well soon and experiment with what works best. 

  2. Alright, who else is getting it? With the days getting noticeably longer and the temperatures presently being somewhat mild, I can't help being antsy for opening day on April 1st! I've tied more flies this past winter than any other winter by far, looking forward to putting them to good use more regularly. 

  3. Awesome!!! Looks great. I would love to buy a copy. FWIW, I self-published a running book several years ago. I quickly discovered how much marketing work was needed to drive sales and I totally underestimated that. However, it was a great experience and pocketing a modest amount of coin in the process was a fun bonus. Best of luck! 

  4. 1 hour ago, flytire said:



    Copper John

    Hook - 2X heavy, 2X long nymph or streamer hook, sizes 10-20
    Bead - Gold or copper
    Weight - .015 lead/lead free wire
    Thread - Black, brown, red or your choice
    Tail - Brown goose or turkey biots
    Abdomen - Copper wire
    Wing case (top) - Pearl flashabou
    Wing case (bottom) - Strip of black thin skin
    Thorax - Peacock herl
    Legs - Speckled brown hen hackle, Hungarian partridge etc
    UV Resin

    Very solid. I'm especially impressed with the finesse wrapping of the smaller gauge copper wire for the ab. I always go with a size up just because it's easier to get the touching wraps to behave, but the smaller like you did looks better, IMO. 

  5. 19 hours ago, Scarface Z said:

    Trying to learn featherwing streamers. This latest attempt was supposed to be a young brook trout.

    body - gold tinsel
    throat - white schlappen
    belly - orange and white bucktail
    underwing - golden pheasant crest 
    wing - red and olive saddle hackle
    shoulder - ringneck pheasant body feather dyed olive
    eye - ringneck pheasant flank feather dyed yellow


    Nice one! 

  6. 20210130_104456.thumb.jpg.33f3c142493b93bc5c3de1e53c668e23.jpgG

    Green Lightning Bug Nymph

    Hook: Size 14, 2XL

    Tail: Pheasant tail

    Abdomen: Green flat tinsel

    Ribbing: Silver wire

    Thorax: Peacock over .15 pseudo lead

    Wing casing: Flashabou

    Wings: Pheasant tail

    Head: Gold tungsten

    Notes: Inspiration from Flagler's recent video. Went with green instead of his silver to better match what works in my local waters. 


  7. 20210124_112736.thumb.jpg.f8ce70d78db46a9c741cb7549d54a6b1.jpg


    Tungsten Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Nymph

    Hook: TMC 5262, size 16

    Underbody: .15 pseudo lead

    Tail: Pheasant tail

    Abdomen: Pheasant tail

    Ribbing: Copper wire

    Thorax: Peacock hurl

    Hackle: Hungarian Partridge

    Bead: Tungsten

    Notes: Pretty easy and fun tie; very effective to boot. Hermes, as usual, pretty much only likes to be nearby when I'm tying flies. Surprisingly, he's never showed interest in the feathers or any other materials. 

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