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  1. @essequamvideri Thanks!!! Already looking forward to spring.
  2. Just curious... Any word on if they are updating the book in anyway? I am pretty sure the hackle stacker emerged after it was last printed and I am wondering if there are other techniques that are "missing" in the older edition as well.
  3. @Moshup Ah, thanks for the tip. That's interesting with the hackles. Had no idea.
  4. You can get the pseudo lead stuff and it's pretty cheap. It's all I use and it weighs flies down quite nicely. Though it sounds like your body might be safe from real lead, the fake stuff is more eco friendly.
  5. Red Quill, size 12. Tail: Dun hackle fibers Body: Red quill Wings: Wood duck Hackle: Dun Quill Gordon, size 12. Tail: Dun hackle fibers Body: Stripped peacock quill Wings: Wood duck Hackle: Dun Notes: Pretty stoked how these turned out, truth be told. Far from being able to crank these ones out quickly and I definitely took my time to get things as right as I could, but am glad that I did. Getting much better at splitting the wings; big assist from Valla's book "Tying Catskill Style Dry Flies" on that front as well as the inspiration.
  6. American Pheasant Tail Nymph Hook: Size 16, 2XL Underbody: .15 pseudo-lead wire Tail: Pheasant tail Thorax: Pheasant tail Ribbing: Copper wire Abdomen: Peacock Wing casing: Pheasant tail Notes: Folding back the tips for the wings is still a bit tricky for me, but I'm getting better. Already have quite a few tied up from a while back, but figured I'd knock out a few more. Can't have enough of them. This fly rarely lets me down, very effective.
  7. @SBPatt That one looks great! Nice work. I could see that doing well in my waters.
  8. Got a generous gift certificate to my local fly shop, but will likely use it on a new vest.
  9. Tungsten Golden Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph Hook: Size 14, 2XL Tail: Hare's mask (lower) Ribbing: Gold tinsel Abdomen & Thorax: Hare's mask blended Wing casing: Molted turkey Notes: Finally buying a dedicated coffee grinder for blending furs was a very smart $16 well spent.
  10. Wow, I can't believe I was this lucky! Thank you so much, @vicente. I will truly treasure this great piece of work, it is beautiful.
  11. @skeet3t Here's video of me doing just that some time ago: Link here. 🙂
  12. No experience with those types of flies, but glad you're on the up and up and rebounding. I hope you emerge from the basement with an insane arsenal.... great thing to do while in isolation.
  13. Great time today on a river located around halfway between my house and a very good friend who lives in southern Maine. I earmarked today several days ago when it looked ideal in the weather forecast, with temps warming up to the mid-40s with a storm approaching later in the day. It did not disappoint as I was able to check off December and lengthen my streak of at least one trout/salmon per month for nine consecutive calendar months. The trout were finicky but it was clear the size 8 Golden Retriever was the ticket. It was the only fly I fished all day. Netted this one after a few strikes before he was finally hooked. My buddy hauling in one of a handful of brownies he had for the day: We explored further downstream than we had before, but didn't have much luck so we returned up where we continued to have success. Netted this muscular 16" gal after a pretty hard fight. Here's me, photo courtesy of Pete: Definitely a blast. Great way to spend some socially distanced time with a very good friend and fellow fly fisherman on Christmas Eve. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! -Jamie
  14. Arrived today! Maine mail in general has been wicked slow lately, so I am excited about this little Christmas miracle. 🙂
  15. @chugbug27 and @Moshup - Solid ones guys! Nice work.
  16. Swedish fly fisherman/filmmaker Rolf Nylinder has recently posted his film Floating Flies for free on YouTube. It's mostly in English, like most of his other work. Big fan of his emphasis on storytelling with a subtle tongue-in-cheek approach. Highly recommended.
  17. @fiveonomo Hey man, you're off to a really great start! Obviously, good ole practice will get you to where you want to be. Keep at it and keep it fun.
  18. Olive Conehead Muddler Minnow Size 8, TMC 300 6XL Tail - Mottled turkey quill Body - Sparkle braid, green Underbody - .20 pseudo lead Wing - Mottled turkey quill with squirrel tail underwing Thorax - Olive deer hear Head - 5mm Nickel conehead
  19. @flymanaj Looks great! I'm going to keep that pattern in mind.
  20. Experimented with a few patterns I haven't tied before, though I am very familiar with their close cousins: King River Caddis, Size 14 Body: Tan rabbit fur dubbing Hackle: Brown Wing: Molted turkey Notes: The wings were a bit of a struggle, as I haven't worked with turkey a ton before. Couldn't help but think "the AK Best Spent Caddis has a similar profile and is a bit easier to tie." Katterman, Size 16 Body: Peacock Hackle: Brown and white. Tail: Two hackle tips, white. Notes: Given that it looks like the offspring of a Griffith's Gnat and a Bivisible, two flies that I've had very good success with, I figured I was overdue with giving this pattern a whirl. There seems to be some debate on what the tail should be.
  21. Great video, Landon. Professional production values, concise and easy to follow steps, and a good lookin' fly. Well done.
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