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  1. @Moshup The peacock is at least proven in New England and perhaps a better choice, IMO. 🙂
  2. @Bimini15 In regards to your collar on your previous post.. I dunno, looks pretty darn good to me. Did you use a razor blade or scissors? Nice work.
  3. Mine went out in the mail today. Thanks for organizing, I enjoyed putting my ensemble together.
  4. Poison Tung Variation Hook: Mustad C49S Caddis Curved, Size 20 Bead: Gold Tungsten Thorax: Rusty Orange Ice Dubbing Body: 8/0 Rusty Dun thread Rib: Red Ultra Wire
  5. Looking forward to more videos, Landon. Nice work.
  6. See now?! I've at least killed it with a woolly bugger! 😀
  7. @Sandan @Mogup Ha ha, I knew I might perhaps rightfully get grief for that... I guess I lean heavily on the elk wing caddis for dries, but for good reason.
  8. Catskill-style mayfly imitations... I feel like I'm gonna get pelted with rotten cabbage for saying that.
  9. @Mogup and @TSMcDougald, thank you kindly!
  10. Moosehead Belle Hook: TMC 300, size 6, 6XL Body: Red Floss Rib: Flat silver tinsel Tail: Yellow saddle hackle Throat: Yellow saddle hackle Wing: White marabou, golden mallard flank underwing
  11. Spent Caddis, size 16. Used these special anti-gravity hooks for extra flotation. Hook: NASA Antimatter Cygnus X1, size 16 Thread: Olive 8/0 Body: Brown beaver fur Wing: Hungarian partridge Thorax: Brown saddle hackle, clipped on underside.
  12. Golden Retriever. Here's a pic of a recent batch I tied.
  13. Thanks Mark. Landlocked salmon, which biologically is exactly the same as an Atlantic salmon. The only difference is that they are strictly freshwater. I used a size 8 Golden Retriever, a very popular fly in Maine.
  14. A pretty well known, if not somewhat famous, river in my area has been somewhat of a jinx for me. In all fairness though, it shuts down in the summer, and of the five or six times I've fished it only once was it in a somewhat more prime time of the year. Today though, third cast. Boom. I knew I was in for a fight when I felt a bang and then my reel sang. After a few long minutes, a muscular 20"+ salmon was in my net and the curse was over. I tried to get a decent pic, but my fingers were numb with the cold water and the 28F air and the adrenaline left me a little less coordinated. As I lifted the salmon out of the water for hopefully a quick picture before I let him go, he slipped away before I had the chance. However, I discovered afterwards that I inadvertently did get a picture, albeit a crappy one. I'll take it.
  15. I bet it'll work great in waters where Mickey Finns are effective, given that it looks like a better dressed older brother of that fly. I may do the same with a single hook... articulated flies still scare me.
  16. I'm in, please! Trout category. PM forthcoming. This looks like a lot of fun, thank you for organizing.
  17. Looks like a pretty easy tie and something that would be effective... might have to add this one to my "to tie" list.
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