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  1. Nicely done! Fishing from an open face kayak like that looks like a blast.
  2. Nice!!! Excellent detail for that size. Well done.
  3. Close... red floss for the body, tan marabou for the tail. Very popular pattern in my parts. I did quite well with it a few weeks ago.
  4. Yessir! Stocking up for when I target them this Monday.
  5. Golden Retriever Hook: Mustad size 8, 2X heavy, 3X long Body: Red floss, lead(free) underbody. Ribbing: Gold estaz Tail: Tan marabou
  6. That's an interesting looking pattern! Never seen anything like it, nicely done.
  7. I bet the movement on that in water is awesome. Nice fly!
  8. Hook: Size 24 Firehole 317 Body: 8/0 black thread Ribbing: Silver wire Head: Glass bead Criticism/tips welcome!
  9. Second that. Filling them with water was something I hadn't done until recently and I wondered why I hadn't done that in the past. A few months ago I discovered a leak, though I just hung them outside on a high fence post and filled them with water from a hose. Because they were hanging, I could see more surface area at once, and I nearly jumped for joy when I almost immediately located the leak. Marked the location, let them dry, and fixed it with some of that super-sticky repair tape that came with the waders. Best wishes, leaks are frustrating.
  10. My take is it probably looks worse than it is, for lack of better words. I don't think it would take very long to tidy it up, if you choose. You have a lot of great supplies there! Happy tying, I imagine the nights are starting to take over up your way.
  11. Golden Retriever variation, size 10. Variation for me often means I didn't have at least one of the materials called for in the original recipe. In this case, it was almost everything, but the substitutes were close, at least. Had red thread but am getting low, so opted for orange since I have tons of it. No estaz, so made a dubbing loop with tan ice dubbing. No tan marabou for the tail, so used a combo of white and yellow. This is a popular pattern in Maine. Looking forward to trying these out tomorrow.
  12. Well stated, PBass. I have been really impressed by the kindness and friendliness of the folks on this site. While I think I checked all, it's really the friendly vibe that keeps me coming back and that one is definitely my top pick.
  13. Great video, Tier! Thanks for sharing. Nice work.
  14. Nice... in Maine, they are all stocked and it's only really done in southern parts of the state, where I used to live. Unfortunately, none where I am further north, but the partridge (ruffed grouse, technically.. but they call them partridge here) hunting is pretty awesome.
  15. Saddle hackle fibers, though golden pheasant did cross my mind.
  16. Anything that uses pheasant tail because it's from birds that I've previously shot. Pretty rewarding and brings back fun memories.
  17. There are obviously a lot of great options out there, so it's really in large part the features you want and *maybe* the amount you want to spend. Expensive doesn't necessarily translate to better. I have a Peak that I've used for years and loved it and was absolutely happy with it. I recently inherited a Dyna King Trekker, which costs about twice as much. I'm very happy with it also and it's what I use exclusively now, but mostly for sentimental reasons since it was my late uncle's. I honestly think the Peak is just as great. Good luck! A lot of it is personal preference.
  18. Debutante variation, size 10. Crowded the head a little on this one and some others in the batch. Any criticisms are welcome.
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