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  1. Being new to this forum also, and being of Senior Citizen age, my view of this forum is pretty low, as a matter of fact I would like to be removed from it. How would one go a that?
  2. Air Flo Bass and Musky lines work very well for me bass fishing here in Florida. Very nice casting line, but they aren't cheap. Look at the Bass Pro Bass taper line, 40 bucks and does a good job as well.
  3. Have to be bass and bluegill here in Fl. All our fish are warmwater here. And at this time of year they are REALLY warm....
  4. One thing I do when attaching the solid plastic eyes that Capt. Lemay uses is after I clip the stem off, I lightly sand the back of the eye by moving it back and forth on an emery board. It seems to bond better that way, at least for me. I have found that if I use the domed eyes, I use alcohol to remove the adhesive from the eye prior to glueing it on the fly. I have had flys that after they were used a while, I would only have the silver backing left on the fly. The eyes mentioned by Bob Lemay are the ones I use the most now.
  5. They both look great! What are you using to coat them with, and are they hard foam bodies?
  6. They look like they would work well on the redfish down here, have to tie some up!
  7. Thanks for the reply and the offer! Don't think that is what I want to do right now. I would like to see pics of the flys, is that possible?
  8. I am interested in getting into these swaps, but I have a question, would I have to participate in every swap, or could I choose the ones I want? Living in Florida, I don't tie or use caddis patterns ( although they may work well here).
  9. A couple more that are done and 2 that are in the works
  10. I tried using one here in Florida, was not well suited for fishing the vegetation we have here, it picked up a lot of the junk in the water and did not float well, so I went back to tying my own leaders. But a lot of people love using them, so it's a personal choice.
  11. Regal Medallion and Griffin Spider
  12. Soft foam poppers for bluegills
  13. Same here,, He makes a great turner!
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