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  1. a set of rotary hackle pliers from bass pro shops are my favs.
  2. I've been trying to tie up some stimulators, and I havent been using any elk or deer hair in quite awhile. Do I need to wrap it with less tension? cant keep the hair close, it wants to flare real bad. any help would be greatful.
  3. use only the materials you need to tie the fly, and take it out as you need it. as far as cleaning the scraps, I just use one of those vise bags that catch the scraps and it does a pretty good job.
  4. quality. whether it be your vise, the tools you use, or the materials you tie with, make sure it is of great quality. Dont settle for cheap knock offs, it will just frusterate you.
  5. I personally prefer hair flies, but will use foam if it helps make the fly float better. I try to use both when possible.
  6. hey Bruce. How long did those frogs take to tie up? I know them legs probably took about 2hrs apiece.
  7. dont go larger then a size 12 with the renzetti traveler. once you hit a size 10 Id recommend a saltwater version. I have broken 3 sets of jaws, and set them to manufacturers settings. even renzeti said a 12 is the max size. But, I would recommed them. they stand by their product, and live up to thier name.
  8. I have another idea. but I dont know if its possible for what ya have. make seperate lists. ei:feathers, hides, tools, synthetics, etc. that might help a little bit as well
  9. I have the all important a river runs through it(3rd dvd copy. I love it), and just ordered the trout bum series that are available. But, I have to admit...I'm hooked(pardon the pun)! I dont get to fish much, except for the occasional trips home, and when I get a chance to grab a one day license in a state like MT, UT, or WY. The forums are great, I love em!! But, it doesn't replace seeing some awesome fish caught, and a great fight being played out. Can anyone suggest any other dvds' to watch? thanks for the help.
  10. unfortunatly Im at an advantage here. I'm a truck driver so I tie on a lapbench. I have a stand I place between the seats to rest it on when I'm tying(ok...for those who need clarification I AM PARKED.)lol. Sometimes I have a view of a truckstop parking lot, or like last week, the yellowstone, the madison, and the green river. I get around a bit so the scenery always changes. my cabinet space(should be clothes, and snacks) are used for my tying supplies, as well as fly fishing/tying publications. Oh, did I mention I get paid to travel around, and stop at some of the nations great waters? ah the good life.
  11. I have to agree with day5. I have so much material, it would take me a month to inventory. I just keep a pad of sticky notes next to my desk when I see I'm low on a item I write it down. When the list gets to about 5 items I go to the shop. Simple inventory control. carlp5351 I agree as well. I prefer to spend my time tying, and fishing. I'm not saying the other ideas listed wont work. Because if they didnt, people wouldnt use em. But, me personally, I only get what I need. i have a few patterns i use, and if i see one i might like i get just what i need to tie those flies. nothing worse then stock piling materials your not gonna use, and then try n convince the better half you need more. It dont work.
  12. I agree the bigger size hooks (4-8) really get ya bigger fish. They always say, if ya want big fish, throw em big bait. I've been using a wooley worm/gurler combo fly, and it really gets some big hits.
  13. I was just curious what everyone has to have while thier tying at the bench. For me I have to have my cd of a flowing stream, and a Dr. pepper. it just sets the mood for me to tie. what are your must haves?
  14. First off, for those who dont know I'm a long haul truck driver. I get to come home every 2 weeks or so for the weekend, and then Im back out on the road again making a livin. Today is her 40th birthday. Not knocking the 40th, but thats kind of a milestone. It's when we really start having fingers pointed at us saying we're old. Well, we're going fishing, and she said I get to choose the place. That's how I know I have a great girlfriend. It's her birthday, yet I get to go fishing. amazing!!!
  15. If the area in which Im fishin is new to me, or I see a pattern I haven't tied before, I'll buy it so I have a reference to tie from. But, I always buy at least 5 when I go to get materials to tie with. After all, they have to make a living too.
  16. try baitfish patterns. sunfish, shad, muddler minnows. been having great success with em the last few trips out.
  17. I went out and bought a cheap vise not too long ago to tie up some bass flies. Well cheap is what it was. It wont hold the hooks anymore. They keep slipping and its very annoying. I have a renzetti traveler, but when tying big flies like 3/0 bass bugs, I dont want to break my jaws. Most I've taked to say only tie to a size 12 on the midge jaws. will a Renzetti traveler head, accept the saltwater jaws??
  18. I just did this because I was having the same problems with my flies for awhile. 1 box I have all my clousers. I have another big box full of deer hair poppers, and divers. 2 big boxes are full of hopper patterns, and another is devoted to foam patterns. I have a friend who''s having a carp problem, so Im sure a big box of carp flies are gonna be in the works soon also.
  19. Hello guys, how ya all been? gotta question for ya all. I gotta friend who has a nice big pond, some call it a private lake, and it's overrun with grass carp. Now this isnt a bad thing in the midwest, with all the pond scum that gets in the pond like an infestation, but now it's almost mud due to the lack of foilage in the pond. It's deep so bowfishing is out of the question. Any thoughts on deep flies for carp??
  20. ok here's my situation. I drive mostly the midwest, and quite abit through mt, n/s.d, co, and ut. I thought about tying up some wooleys, hare ear nymphs, royal coachmens, and some hoppers. any other patterns that might do great Im forgetting??
  21. ummm....ya did buy her a BMW so she dont cash in your family jewels right?? Think my g.f. would kill me dead if I tried to even ask for something like that.
  22. :bugeyes: those are some huge bugs. so much for the 16s I was tying.
  23. :headbang: my g.f. rocks!!not only did I sign up, but she seen the post, and requested a catalog too!! Then again I think she thought if she could save money on supplies(this is where ya all speak up and demand that she lets me get a new shotgun so I can harvest my own feathers, and hair), then it would all be good, and I could stay out of the fly shop a little longer.
  24. I just keep em in the original package so I have all the needed info for the hook. I tried to use a plano organizer, but then of course what about type, style, size, and brand. Thats just too much info to go on a 1/4x1/4 inch square. I plan on getting a huge peg board and just store the original packages on pegs so I know what I have.
  25. flyfishingtaz

    fly rods

    I remember hearing from a friend of mine years ago when I was starting to fly fish that you could tell the die hards, from the yearly brand name, bmw drivin types by the gear they use. The daily die hard steelheader, trout fishermen, or flyrodder for that matter all had thier trusty 15 yr old passed down fly rods with old beat up reels, patched to death waders, and an old vest or shirt with extra pockets sewn into it(like my grandfather, and friend.) Then you had the save all year for that patagonia trip, and only wet their line for the trip in a year type. Brand new sage 4wt rod, top of the line reel, waders that took second mortgage to afford, and way too much un-neccesary gear for the water they were on. You dont need an expensive rod. For years I've used some beat up, 5wt no name rod, and it works fine. Do I get the best roll cast, or the most senstive pick ups?? Probably not. It's all a preference I suppose. If you fish regularly, I say if it can cast the line, and your not killing your back doing it...use it. Thats my 2 cents.
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