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  1. heck, if he's that into the saddle...use it to train him with. Thats a dang good dog. If only more dogs were that well trained for birds. Granted, I understand your frustration, but if he's doing that to a hide, immagine when he gets to hunt for the real thing!
  2. they have been breaking where the fine adjustment screw meets at the jaws. I received a msg from renzetti the other day saying that they'll take a look at em. It might be a hardening problem. Once I know for sure, I'll either get another set of jaws, or a different vise.
  3. they've all broken at the screw. and both sets have been cams. I'm thinking of getting the screw set for the next one. Perhaps too much tension, but even the guys at the fly shop say Im setting it right. dont know but its very frusterating.
  4. I gave em a shot. I even chalked the first broken set up to being a rookie. Well, not anymore! :ripped: I went out and bought another set, excuse me, my buddy for a late xmas present bought be a new set of jaws for my traveler as I was using my backup for quite some time. I just counted my new box of flies. Drumroll please......26 flies :ripped: !! I checked the setting on the jaws thinking it was set wrong. Nope, 2nd hole 12-28. I tie 12 to 18 flies. Thought maybe I cranked the adjustment knob down to tight. Nope, finger tight. Even thought I might have cranked the cam too tight. Nope, directions said I did it correctly. In my fury, I sent renzetti a nice little lettter(I promise) stating what happened, and letting them know that the next set will be the last. Unfortunatly, my fly shop is only open 4days a week, so I have to wait till wed to see if they might replace the jaws, but I'm not very optimistic after the renzetti warrenty. Will wait to see, and let ya all know what I find out. :dunno:
  5. Does anyone know of any sites that carry huge portable tying bags? Just took a job driving truck over the road. I want to take my vise and some supplies with me, but the bag I have currently wont handle enough supplies for the time I'll be on the road. I want to limit the space taken up in truck, so I've considered just using a laptop bag for the supplies as well, and keeping my other bag for vise and tools. But, I remember awhile back there was a tying bag that was just huge. Think it was called a fly hive or something. Anyone know what I'm talking about? And, if so, where could I find one??
  6. it dont get easier than this. sowbugs, wooley worms, hares ear/pt nymphs. couldnt think of any dries right off hand.
  7. when the bead hits rocks, it will make a click, and attract the fish that way too.
  8. Fatman.....tiers block?? tiers block??!! Never. I found a way to beat it. Take a fly you use a lot of. Start tying that one up, and the next thing you know, your getting all kinds of Ideas to tie up flies. Also, check the video section here on the site. We've got tons of good patterns there, and day5 posted some awesome flies to tie as well. Good luck. Hell, all great authors have writers block, and still put out good books. Saddle up son, it'll pass.
  9. save money?.....I'll have to show this one to my g.f. she needs a good laugh. :j_k: serioulsly though, if you like being creative, then tying is awesome. If your in it for saving money....stay single, or give up the addiction now while you still have your dignity.(personally I took the divorce :hyst: )
  10. and I thought wooleys were easy. time to tie up a few before the season opens. Bennet springs....here I come. lol :headbang:
  11. how do ya tie up sow bugs? and whats it supposed to immitate, a grub of some kind?
  12. was surfing the web for some flyfishing videos. I was watching a show on the outdoor network today, and it was talking about tarpon fishing off the florida keys. so it gave a website and I went to it. I just realized I've been checking out videos for about the past 4hrs. Do I need therapy?? too much.....snow....and ice. need....running.....water. send......spring :wallbash: :wallbash: :help:
  13. awesome thank you twofingerz!! :yahoo:
  14. when I go to look at the msgs on the site its not showing all the msgs. Its showing the responses as a listing on the bottom of the screen. But, its not showing in the normal way. make sense? is there a way to change it?:dunno:
  15. hey guys need some help here. Im tying up a box of flies for a friend of mine whos gonna be goin fishin with me a few weeks after we thaw out here in mo. So far I have some deer hair mice, poppers, dahlberg divers, decievers, as well as ants, and beetle patterns. Any other flies ya all can think of? just lookin to fill the box, so he has a good chance at catching fish, and not getting disapointed.
  16. I like to do all my tying in the winter, so I can spend my spring, and summer fishing. I have a couple of plano 3700 style boxes that I store em all in, then fill my fly box as I need em.
  17. I like to keep mine in one of those flat plano cases (3700). All I know is that I have two of em. I use the compartments lengthwise. If you have the same hooks, in all the small ones....whats the point?? I tie for bass, panfish, and trout. Im gonna guess 500.
  18. what are your favorite deer hair flies? I generally tie big rats for bass. I also occasionally tie some muddlers and dahlberg divers. anyone else use deer hair for flies? what kind are ya tyin?
  19. I just recently lost a hide due to not preparing it properly. I recieved a hide from a friend who got a doe about 3wks ago. he said he scraped it, and had it all ready for tying. Come to find out after putting it in its own bag(thank god), and stored away with my other hides, he didnt scrape it well enough and I pulled a bag of maggots out of my hide drawer a few days later. My suggestion is to always treat a hide as fresh, unless you know otherwise. Tack it, salt it, when it cracks scrape it clean, and repeat. after about 3 treatments it should be washed, and dried. after it dries it should be fine.
  20. my favorite fly for bluegill lately is an orange bodied gurgler, or wooley worm with long silly legs.
  21. the only online purchasing I've done was ebay. Not bad either. But, the majority of all my purshases are done in the store, so i can see what Im gettting and look closely at it so I know its what I want
  22. I dont tie alot of flies that require dubbing, so I just use a loop. Also I'd imagine that the brushes would add alittle weight to the fly, so it may be used primarily for wet flies. I am sure Im wrong, but being I've never used em, it would seem reasonable.
  23. kits are horrible for quality. You'll find that when you get better hair you'll do much better. make sure you have good thread too. I broke alot when I first started tying bugs with deer hair.
  24. wow!! I am low budget. I just use the ones I get at walmart for about 5 bucks in a three pack. They cut everything I need just fine, and havent had to sharpen any of em yet. Id rather go cheap, in case they break.
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