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  1. First try at a classic Salmon fly, I call it "The Flame", what do you think?
  2. First try at a Salmon fly, I call it "The Flame", what do you think?
  3. Hello, Has anybody been up to or heard any positive feedback about the fish ladders that were constructed at the 2 dams back in 2012 up in Westfield NY? I am headed up that way in March and was thinking of starting in the upper reaches of the creek and fishing my way down about 8 miles. How far up are the fish getting? Thanks,
  4. Hey Folks, How much does wieght, be it lead wrap, beadhead or both, affect a fly's natural drift in the water? Is it possible to have "too much" weight when tying flies? I tie a lot of my Steelhead nymphs with both a bead head and about 7 wraps of lead. Is this too much? Should I use one or the other and not both? Thanks and tight lines.
  5. Hey Folks, I've heard that duck CDC is better than goose CDC. What is the difference between the two and does on work better than the other in different applications? Thanks
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