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  1. Yes as far as I know at this point without wading the entire thing to date. The riffles were just over the top of my ankles in depth. The main current flows were the right and left side with the top of the center being noticeably slower. If you can imagine it think of the current flows as a set of curved horns on each side laying forward downstream with the right side being longer and more pronounced. The current on the right was at least a half faster than the left side. I'm assuming because of the structure of the far right side shooting water down that side. I fished the center carefully but never had a take. Were there fish in the center...undoubtedly but neither dry nor wet had any takers there. A wiggle cast to the far right side with some additional quick rod pop and feeds of line got a dead drift down to the fish who were holding near the log stick up on the right. I tried high floating dry's over the edge of the riffles into the fish I knew were there but only had 2 takers out of 20+ attempts and both small fish. 12 -13 of those attempts the flies got hung-up before I got to the edge on the hydrilla/grass growing from in-between the rocks. It's still a new place to me so I'll learn it better in the future...I'm so tempted to snorkel this place and see it for myself underwater!!!
  2. I used my go to locator fly and caught 1 fish per side(left & right of the pool), just after the ripple, on this: 6 other fish, including the big fish of the day, on a size 16 Gold Bead Nymph with Crystal Flash Tail. 3ft below strike indicator. Casting towards the far right side and before the brown leaf tree on the right and allowed to dead drift. Every fish that took the Nymph was just before or right beside the log stick up on the right side.
  3. I thought it would be interesting to see how other fishermen would approach this. Here is the spot I recently fished. What would you use according to what you see??? Only one hint: "Right after the ripples it drops off into 3-4ft in depth." Left Side: Center: Right Side: Far Right side: Aerial Photo(red "X" photo's taken from)
  4. A couple of the 8 that I caught yesterday...hungry they were
  5. How about a instead? Kimo Thank You! I watched it...wondering how you finish tying off the post loop?
  6. That goes for anywhere on the internet. Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Forums, etc. Best Advice Ever!
  7. Kimo, I love this one!!! Looking forward to you doing a SBS so I can learn it! Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. My prepaid cellphone rides the short bus...I'll never be as cool as You *sniff sniff* LOL
  9. This is all I have saved on my YouTube channel for subscriptions: SUBSCRIPTIONS bucktailjig - Local Shop DavieMcPhail - I've said it a thousand times "This guy could teach anyone how to tie a Fly. His Voice is calm and alone makes it like it's no big deal to accomplish" Homestead Acres - LOL...My go to spot for DIY Bisquick mix JsonSweden - Extended Body Flies Most of the time when I'm cruising YouTube watching someone else fishing it's in what would be exotic places for me...New Zealand, Etc...
  10. I picked up 2 Rabbit furs at Hobby Lobby, for $4.19 each, that are in the upper left of the picture below: The "Bow-Wow Buck & Cluck" was made from Buck Tail(free from Taxidermist), Dog Hair(neighbors pets), and Black Craft Chicken Feathers(hobby lobby) The Neighbors went away this past week and I watched their Dogs "Kobe" and "Juice"....they got brushed well while their owners were away
  11. LOL...I was thinking a "Chain Shark Suit" might not be enough for Waders
  12. I must re-evaluate my priorities....There's 2 Natural Color Rabbit Furs on the Kitchen Table. Along with a Gallon Size Freezer Bag full of the Neighbors German Shepard Hair. A Bag of Cheap Black Chicken Feathers. A Bag of Deer Tails. A gathering of Krystal Flash. A Coffee Grinder... ....I didn't even know She was Pregnant. Glad the Baby is Healthy!
  13. Fishy's Favorites for Bass, Trout, and Salt Waterhttp://www.amazon.com/Fishys-Favorites-Trout-Water-ebook/dp/B00DHGGADU/ref=sr_1_8?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1374455901&sr=1-8&keywords=salt+water+fly+tying The Bass & Pan Fish Fly Tying Materials Kit http://www.flyshack.com/DisplayItem.aspx?ItemID=23612 The Salt Water Fly Tying Materials Kit http://www.flyshack.com/DisplayItem.aspx?ItemID=23613 I'm sure others with more specific experience in Salt Water may suggest differently but if your just starting out...there is no "Cheaping Out" to be done. The basics, find out if you like it, then expand from there. The Book would be invaluable. Strong Hooks will be a Must Have. Patience will happen when you start tying or your kit will gather dust. The real question will be how much money do you want tied up in that(no pun intended) if you decide it's not for you?
  14. X2 ...I just picked this book up from another member here in a Book Give-Away. Though I've been tying for a few years I found it informative, simple, and clear on instructions for 31 basic pattern styles. There are also 6 Variations of each Pattern Style included. It goes over all of the Basic Tools and explains their uses clearly. I have confidence that Anyone could pick up this book, follow the step-by-step, and learn a great base to expand from in their future or feel they never need to expand. My first book years ago when I started was Favorite Flies and Their Histories ~ Mary Orvis Marbury It wont help anyone new in tying though it is a good read. Another Option for some people may simply be YouTube...find something you want to try, play, pause, continue. "To me one of the best things about fly tying is the pursuing your own inventiveness.. Reading any book should be the beginning of a new journey of discovery." ~ Utyer Could not agree more!!!
  15. I can remember back when I got my first ever Fly Tying Kit. I caught fish off the materials included. Eventually I ran out of those Flies and had to make due with whatever I picked up whatever color it was. I still caught Fish on the new colored flies...simply tied them the same way, same size, same hooks. I didn't change the way I fished them nor did I change where I fished them. So for me, in my situation here, I'll say that it is "Size, Profile, Presentation(respective to water conditions)". Here is the "Rub" so to speak..... Every single one of those flies were DRY FLIES...fished in fairly quick moving water. When I started getting into Nymph fishing things changed. At first I bought all of them and caught fish. When I started tying them, thinking from my experience, color didn't make any difference. I was wrong. When I started getting closer to the ones I bought that I caught fish with the shape was the same, the method I fished them stayed the same, the COLOR changed from whatever I had laying around here to more subdued Olives, Blacks, and Browns. I caught fish on the crazy colors...but the quantity went higher when I ratcheted it down to a more natural tone. When I started tying WET FLIES I attempted Spiders in basic Black Soft Hackle with Red thread or Bead...that color combination continuously slams Trout and I've even caught Catfish on it. The Size makes the difference there in what I catch with it. Just from my experiences...Top of the Water: Size, Shape, and Presentation is more important than Color. Go under the film and your no longer covered by the "Shadow Effect" of a back-lit Fly and Color becomes much more important.
  16. Thanks Henning....I needed another dent in my floor...from my Jaw hitting it! Beautiful Fish, Scenery, Video!!!
  17. The Telephone Company was having a sale...and it came pre-strung with retention cable...I mean sinking line
  18. Awesome does not come close to describing that story!!!
  19. ...and it's Roman name is..."Beautimus Maximus" Love It!!!!! Can hardly wait to show my Wife where this room of mine is heading LOL
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