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  1. I have 7 Lamsons of different sizes and models. Have fished on beaches and in really nasty cold conditions with them and never had one problem. Getting sand in the reel has not been an issue at all.
  2. I have caught steelhead in the great lakes and northwest on eggs patterns as small as 18. When the fish are actively spawning they will key in on the smaller size of the freshly laid eggs. Later on it does not seem to matter. I always have with me sizes 8 through 18 just in case.
  3. I have quit cold turkey too many times to count. Trying chantix at the moment. Hope it works, I really want to quit. Congratulations and hats off to those who have done so.
  4. Teaching a buddy to cast a spey rig last fall. Somehow he got me behind the shoulder with a nice meaty 3/0 fly. That one stung real good.
  5. Unfortunately, yes. First time was steelhead fishing in january in Michigan. Waded out a bit too far and stepped off a ledge. That water is really cold that time of year!
  6. Tying is an obsession, but a good one. I have moved across country twice and every time I have had to pack up tying "stuff" I have found way too much to pack. I did find my wife through tying though. Guess it's not all bad.
  7. Welcome to the insanity of fly fishing/tying.
  8. I use a Patgonia bag that I have had for awhile. It can be a hip pac, a shoulder bag or a sling pack. On days I will be out all day I just add a piece to it and it gets bigger. On short trips I take it as just a bag. Really handy.
  9. Yes it is. Originally from Michigan, then the Oregon coast.
  10. Joined this forum a bunch of years ago. Then decided to get married, move all the way across country, have three kids and 2 dogs, then move back. Now have a little time to start tying again and am really enjoying it. Actually met my wife through fly fishing and am now teaching my kids the art.
  11. First thing is to pick a couple patterns you want to fish. As peterjay said, you will end up with a ton of stuff you will never use otherwise. Most guys that have fished awhile have just a few patterns they fish, no need to tie every new recipe you see in a magazine. That cuts down on costs considerably.
  12. The media blows everyting out of proportion. While we get to hear about the new prince, I guess there is nothing more important happening in the world. I am very happy for them because I know how exciting and important having a child is, but let them have some peace and tell us some actual news.
  13. Probably a good idea. Ever since that first trip she looks at me even stranger than ussual when I ask her if she wants to go in the winter.
  14. And the really cool thing was that she did not complain once. That was 13 years ago, now I take her and our three monkeys fishing.
  15. don't get him started on that. It's worse than graphite
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