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  1. Gold Head Green Deep Pupa is my favourite sedge pupa pattern. It works even out of caddis hatch period. I use it as the top fly, mostly combined with another pupa (for example CdC Yellow Pupa below) or with a wet fly (Red Tag, March Brown). I fish with it "Accross and Down" in a similar way as with wet patterns. It can be used as a drop or top fly for the short „Czech Nymphing“, too. Tutorial is also available - http://splitcane.czweb.org/flytying/gh_green_deep_pupa.pdf. Materials: Thread: Light brown 8/0 Head: Gold bead, size 3.3 Hook: Size 8 - 10 Body: Davy Wotton pale green dubbing Tag: Orange synthetic dubbing Rib: Gold wire Thorax: Hare Ear Ice dubbing Hackle: Light brown Other: Dubbing vax 1. Begin by putting the gold bead on the hook. 2. Tie conspicious orange tip in the bend of the hook. And comb it out slightly with Velcro. 3. Attach the gold wire for the fly rib. 4. Dub pale green dubbing with the help of vax on the thread and form a tapered fly's body. Leave some space for the hackles and a small thorax at the head of the fly. 5. Wind up the body with the gold wire in the opposite direction, fix it with thread behind the bead. 6. Create pupa hackles now. Prepare light brown hen feather and wrap it (3x or 4x) around the hook shank. 7. Squeeze Hare Ear dubbing on the vaxed thread and tie it between hackles. Finally, arrange the new thorax with a needle or Velcro. 8. Whip finish the fly. The fly – GH Green Deep Pupa is ready. Similar pupa patterns: BH Cinnamon Deep Pupa CdC Yellow Pupa Tight lines !
  2. Do you practise flyfishing with microjig nymphs? Do you have any favorite pattern? Some more microjigs are in the Microjig nymphs and small streams GFF article - link http://globalflyfisher.com/fishbetter/microjig-nymphs/index.php I welcome your comments. Petr H.
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