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  1. My flies went out yesterday. They're supposed to be to you on Thursday.
  2. I've been wondering that myself. I subscribed to his YouTube channel probably a little over a year ago and he hasn't put up a new video since.
  3. I've become a fan of barbless jigs hooks and the tungsten slotted beads for Czech nymphing. I won't say that they totally avoid snagging the bottom but they definitely catch bottom a lot less than a hook that rides point down.
  4. You can use a mason jar or something similar to wash it and dye it. Little bit of soap and water in the jar, shake, rinse, repeat. Get some kind of fine strainer to drain the water, I use one of those metal reusable coffee filters. I can't recommend a treatment but I would wash the fur just to be safe and in my experience some materials take the dye better when washed in warm water with a little dish soap. The most idiot proof method for dying is to try the dye on just a little bit of it until you get the color you want. Write down exactly what you did for mixing colors, ex.- 1/4 teaspoon of brown to 1/2 teaspoon green with 4 cups water= dark olive.
  5. I will second the trout hunter cdc as the best. I'm sure that there is better out there but the trouthunter stuff is the best that is easily available for me. As far as the Wally wings, I've always used mallard flank. Pretty cheap for a large bag but I would think you could use anything that has long enough fibers. I've used dry fly hackle, the largest feathers from a cape, hen capes, and cdc to name a few.
  6. Mine got here today as well. Good stuff everyone. Troutguy, thanks for the coyote and thanks for hosting. I hope you didn't have to add postage, I didn't even cross my mind until now.
  7. I recently bought a large tacky box and I can't speak to its durability but the boxes are only for small flies. There is no clearance and no room for anything with a hackle collar or an upright wing. It's basically a nymph or midge box. With that being said the silicone does hold a fly really securely, but that is all it has going for it. In my opinion pretty much any fly box can store nymphs and for $25 it should be able to do more than that. It's a good idea but it's not there yet, for me.
  8. I use tiemco dry magic when I first tie on a cdc fly. It lasts a while but after a few fish it doesn't float as well as I'd like it to but it doesn't really sink either. When it gets to that point I'll throw it in the dry shake and it's good as new for a while. In my opinion it works best when you use them in combination like that.
  9. My flies are ready to go. They will be sent tomorrow.
  10. Trout guy, I need your address. I'm pretty sure I had it but it must've got erased.
  11. I've never used it on flies with rubber legs but 303 aerospace protectant works well on everything that is rubber, latex, silicone, vinyl, etc. there slogan is "SPF 40 for your stuff". It would probably wash right off when it got wet though.
  12. Whiting sells a pack that has 1/2 brown cape and half a grizzly cape.
  13. No problem Vicrider. I'm going to tie mine on a size 14 TMC 100. Coq de Leon tails. Stripped hackle quill. Lemon Wood duck wings and dark dun hackle. I might mix grizzly in with that as well.
  14. I think I'm going to tie a red quill. No problem here with tying one more.
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