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  1. Maybe someday someone with create lures that ones they hit the water and start sinking they will automatically change to the appropriate depth color.
  2. Great fishing and including the week after.
  3. Hey mudman, I had a very good friend take his grandson up to the Southshore. They left at four in the morning and got twisted around but when they got to their fishing spot the wind picked up. I had tied someflies for their trip but I figured on copying a smelt or herring so I tied some Clouser minnows and made up some improvisions. He said he got a smallmouth on one of my original clouser flies but then the wind picked up too much so he switched to spinning gear. So I have regrouped and started searching the Great lakes trout and their preference for color so I can make up some flies with beads. The preferences were silver and copper or metalic and then I found that pastel colors. Cream color, light blue and green. These were spoon colors. So now Ive thought of wire wrap for weight and more flashabou on those clousers. I might add some clickers in the flies. The greatest gift is that the boy caught a nice rainbow. My other friend had a birthday so I tied him several panfish Charlies. I tied them in the videos white and pink. I told him to test them and let me know how they do in the Northwoods and since I'm new at this I ask them to give me feedback on durability. While in Walmart today the wife showed me some shaggie natural brown acrylic yarn so when I got home I tied another worlds uglest panfish fly. I have to wet these. My Kayak is screaming for water so loud I have to keep the garage door closed.
  4. Dirts

    Carolina tickers

    This is a concept that I ran across when making in line spinners with glass beads. They are called carolina tickers and what it basically is that they alternate brass washers between glass beads and when they rub together because they are not anchored they create what some consider a fish attracting sound. I even found some sites that make these and actually taped the sound under water. I know this is a fly tyers site and I just regard this idea as interesting and conversation. The fact that some tyers use beads on their flys is why I thought of sharing. O.K. I've got my hands in the air. Theirs no spoon in my hands and if you look down there is no pot. Thanks
  5. I use a Wilderness Commander 140. Thats because I'm big and my dog always accompanies me in the back. I have two rod holders on both sides which I use when trolling. I didn't check your age but I'm an old man and I have to put my boat on our Honda CRV which involves balance, bench press and then a toss into the J hooks. I even made a rack out of PVC off the internet but roof materials are not what they use to be. I had upright rack tie ons and went to the J racks. I was even considering cradle saddles which I like with rollers. I just wish that some one would come up with an idea so strapping down does not involve always putting straps on the inside over the kayaks. I have developed my own procedure for strapping on because of the height of my vehicle. For two years I had a young adolescent fishing maniac that was my neighbor. I adopted him and he took my dogs place in the back and he would troll in the middle. We spend some very great times together just talking about conservation, the environment and life in general. I usually caught the fish and tried hooking him up with the same baits, but that was to no avail. To my sorry he moved away last year. I would have enjoyed introducing him to fly tying and fishing with the flies. My son David who is handicapped uses an Our Towne. I reviewed his on line and when the going gets rough and I want him in shore five minutes ago because of weather; hes pulling into the landing before I get there. I even have raced him and he just laughs. I have had some fantastic moments in my Kayak seat with my four legged friend. What I would suggest is before purchasing one you can rent one or in the spring here the local dealer takes all the models in his stock down to the local water on a Sunday. They provide you with paddles and floatation vests and you can try anyone one you want. If your checking on a specific model search the model and type reviews.
  6. Oh Don, what are you doing mentioning the states rules and regulations from the state of Texas? I was looking for ideas and help. Already your looking in all the wrong places I didn't ask to see Don Wrinkles fly pattern It doesn't cast, its dull and it scares fish..
  7. What would you do or include in your book for beginners to stimulate and magnify enthusiasm and diminish overwhelming frustration? You will be their mentor into the fly tying world. Lets hear your suggestions and ideas. You went through it; now how would you change it.
  8. Since no two people are genetically alike it makes it difficult to follow a line of consensus. We might find similarities but not true consistancies that are the same. The base of tool choices and techniques is straight but then when category of fly use, colors, type of material or the preference to technique you will limit the number of books that will satisfy all beginners. Then I can only assume when a tier gets more experience with his individual choices the difference from other tiers widens. Consistency lies in fly tyers copying patterns of individual attraction..Having said that I believe that a beginners book has to be void of indivduality. A good beginner book needs to channel beginners individual choice to patterns that he likes instead of a bible of patterns. It prevents frustration, spending on uneccessary materials. Success in tying feeds enthusiasm to continue through the void and over the hump. I feel that a lot of starters are lost by being influenced by an overwhelming of individual fly patterns and materials that don't satisfy their individual interest. I always think about the Fly fishing father showing his son how he ties the flies they use to catch fish. The same flies that are past on thru genetic preference are used to enhance shared fishing experiences. Thats a home run. Food for thought and discussion
  9. What a weird name for a color. Chartreuse is sort of between green and yellow. There is actually two colors. Web chartreuse is more green and traditional chartreuse is more yellow.
  10. In A.D. Livingstons book of making in line spinners he states that Don Gapen once told him there was only three colors that should be of interest to a fisherman. They are white, yellow, and black. Food for thought and discussion.
  11. I'm a beginner and two books that twik my interest is "Fly tying with Poly yarn" by Lee Clark. The author was an art teacher and was teaching macrame tying and started combing out ends when the thought of fly tying with this material was triggered. The other is "Tying glass bead Flies" by Joe Warren. These two individuals Co-authored these books. The six five star reviews on Warrans book in amazon stated. Best tying book I ever owned, well written, easy to understand, innovative and creative, opens a new world, photos clear and demos easy to understand. The best part of the reviews was that two stated that the flies patterns catch fish. Every review reflected enthusiasm to share the review. Warren did a dvd for glass bead trout flies but it is no longer available. Food for thought or comment.
  12. Dirts

    A lie to remember.

    Thats what it was Mike. The result of age, experience, trial and error and a love of the sport. This old timer was a result of success. I just wish that I could have taken a picture of him walking away. It was a kodak moment and a picture of a thousand words. It was his pay day. The icing on the cake. My choice of the word " lie" should not have be used to describe a normal action of fisherman. Its standard practice when stating where you caught it or how big it was or what bait contributed to your success.
  13. One with a barbless hook for a quick release. I would need two flies. One a wild nymph with alot of flashabou and the other a soft baby pink foam caddis
  14. This is just a suggestion for those that have not ordered books on line. Instead of walking into a bookstore and paying full freight for a book go on line and look at the new and used prices and also the reviews of the content of the book. The site I like to use is the one named after a south american jungle. I do that because I don't want to labeled as a spamer. Make sure that you look at the book price and the shipping cost. Some will down the price and up the shipping. Thats for individual used book retailers selling books. They have always remedy an challenges I have had. The ones that are out of print and on demand or they think there on demand are outrageously priced On the whole you can save some money and track your package.
  15. My buddy and I were fishing the Soo River in Northern Wisconsin. We were fishing egg sacks. The scenery scenery hugging the river was beautiful. We methodically worked up and down working the pools. We slept in the back of the truck in our sleeping bags. The next day after a bacon, egg and toast sandwich we started working the pools. After about an hour an older gentleman approached us. He had his rod in one hand and a backpack. We discussed the weather and asked if he had any luck. No he said I haven't had any luck at all. Not a twitch in his weathered face. He walked about the length of a pool away from us when my eyes took focus on the unusual. The shape in the back of his backpack was one big U. I signaled my buddy and pointed and made the shape of a U. He caught it shook his head and started laughing. These two cops laughed all the way home. Haven any luck. Nope.
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