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  1. I achieve lift; using a bump, tying in tail wrapping backward toward hook, increasing tension close to bump, then a couple wraps under tail catching bump and angled slightly toward eye.
  2. If you have the broken ring, take it to the hardware. They will match the ring. Alternatively, take the vise to the hardware.
  3. Could not paste a link but, search Colorado Fishing Atlas.
  4. Your words and actions summarized fly fishng.
  5. 'Oh, kitten come and walk with me! the bass bug did beseech. ..... The time has come to, said the bug, speak of many things......
  6. Thank you for sharing the article. "A River Runs Through It" is a great book, Read it at least three time. A very good movie.
  7. Green Caddis hooks, offered here, are very good. Meet all of my criteria; price, quality, styles, availability, supplier with positive externalities.
  8. Peg board framed panels could be a convenient size. 2X3, 18"X 24", 12"X18", .........
  9. Mount peg board on wall above tying station like pages of a book. Cut peg board into (4 pcs) 2'x4' . Build a picture frame around each piece of peg board using 2x4's). Insert a pivot (dowel, metal rod ....) into top/bottom (2' length) of frame (same side). Mount 2 pcs of slotted angle on wall to hold frames. Be sure to align holes. Insert pegboard frames between slotted angle. Flip framed peg board back and forth, like pages of a book. Reduces space required. Allows use of both sides of peg board. Woodsmith (PBS TV show) used this arrangement for holding tools (just saw this episode last week). A video and better description should be available on Woodsmith's web sight.
  10. Its winter, from any source, hot air is good.
  11. At the Warrenton, Oregon Kroger's locally harvested skinless/boneless chicken breasts are on special today.
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