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  1. gday grommit welcome from a fellow new member over in Oz.Mate have you done any flyfishing for carp,im interested in tying a few flies to chase them over here in Sth Queensland.
  2. hey albert sounds good doesnt it.its a shame we have to go to work.i only do it to earn enough money to go fishing lol. a friend of mine just got back from a week in weipa and had a great time.i think he and his friend caught 36 species between them for the week. lake tinaroo is up north near cairns but now there are dams all the way down the queensland coast that have barramundi that are over a metre long (3ft) in length. ill keep in touch and let you know how things are going in my neck of the woods in the meantime Cheers Dave
  3. Nice fish and nice deceivers Albert My first fly was either a crazy charlie or a clouser about 8 or 10 years ago.Thought it best to start out on something simple.
  4. gday albert great to hear from you.had a look at some of your pics-great fish mate.Victoria has some good brown and rainbow trout to be caught but the best fishing if you can get across the bass strait from melbourne is in Tasmania where there are rainbow,brown trout as well as Atlantic Salmon to be caught.I saw trout up to 15lbs that people have caught in some of the lakes there. that pic of the barramundi is a cracker.the dams in central queensland near where i live and work have been stocked with them for the last 8 or so years and now guys are catching fish up in the 40-50lb bracket.Ive bought a 10wt to try and hopefully will get one on fly this year once the weather warms up again in August Good luck with the tying and ill catch up eith you soon mate
  5. thanks guys for your warm welcome,looking forward to exchanging ideas i do most of my fishing either in the estuary or close inshore,we are lucky enough here in qld to be able to fish for tuna and other pelagics in the morning as well as chase bass(australian) or barramundi in the evening in some of our freshwater dams
  6. gday everyone im a newbie from queensland,australia.Ive been fishing for nearly all of my 42 years of age and have been fly fishing for about 8 or so years.Most of it in the salt but have done a bit in the fresh when possible.Looking forward to chatting and learning more about our great sport with anyone keen to exchange ideas Cheers Dave
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