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  1. i went to a new place on 9-10-2013. the county finally did something good with tax payers money, i call it love's pond as its located behinds love's seafood. make a right hand turn when you get off of hwy 17 and follow the road all the way to the end and it will be off to the right, i came home with 9 bluegills. next time i willhave the fly rod with me lol.
  2. hi tracy, this is rob. i know were you are fishing. mohawk is heavlie fished. best thing to do is get a small boat or kayak. to be able to get to the back side and on the right hand part of mohawk. yeah i to come away some times empty handned but most of the time its with a few catish. and i dont like catfish! so i give them to my next door neighbor . also i dont know if you know last time i went by i did see 2 gators and one was geeting very bold and the other one usually stays on the back side. do you know about the pond in winsdor forest ? i havent fished it yet but my cousin has told me there are big bass in it. i will give ya shout later in the week.
  3. hi fish man what a small world LOL. i to am on the south side in the pardise park area. no its not the little pond behind loves. its about a 10 minute drive just up the road from loves. i know the owner of love's but due to insurance problmes she wont let any one fisht it now. but you can still access it from the river side. well drats i cant post a pic of the new fishing area. but you can easily find it on google earth.
  4. hi fish shaman don't know what part of this city you are in. but i got some new info about a new place to fish fresh water, i hope to be thier some this weekend. its behind love's seafood. there was a article in the savannah morning news back in febuaray and i just now have found this place. had i fellow kayak stop by a few days ago, when he got out first thing he said it smelled fishy. that can only mean one thing. fish are still on the beds at this place.
  5. hi and greetings from another savannahin. as you see in my screen name i to am a fanatic about catchin bluegill and redear. escipally with a 3 wgt and my ulrta light rigs. i do feel the pain that you are going thru, as i sure do miss my vactions to alabama and mississippi. theres just not enough places here to fish for bream. there are serveral nice city owned lakes but they are very heavily fished. and then there is ft stewart, for $35.00 gets you access to some very well stocked ponds and access to the canochee river, yep wading is not a option here or is float tubing to many gators. but i will fish from my kayak. best thing i ever did was get one to were i can get on the water ive been tying my on flies and jigs now for about 5 years. i do like to fish saltwater too but just cant pass up the tug on a ulrta light and pull in a big bull gil at the end of your line.
  6. hi im new to the site but every time i click on a subject in the fly pattern database, i get a blank page. is thiee something im doing wrong? thanks for a great site GBF.
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