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  1. I agree with what the other Mike said about " the golden years ". I am 69 and my wife is 74. A day of fishing just wears us down and the next day is spent doing nothing. But we love fishing and weather permitting, we hook up the 1968 refurbished tin boat and head to Lake Wiley with the fly rods at least once a week. Mike
  2. Kirk, could you please do a quick SBS on this fly. Thanks. MIke
  3. That last fish came with a toothpick!
  4. The only time I have ever been checked by a game warden was 20 years ago. My wife and I were in 17' canoe on the upper end of Lake Murray in SC. We had just finished 3 day float trip on the Edisto river and decided to fish Santee Cooper. We were about 2 miles from the landing and were fishing the grass edges. We saw the warden change course and head straight for us. Our license were in a waterproof bag in the canoe and I started digging. As he got near us, he yelled " I don' need to see your license, I just wanted to see who was crazy enough to be this far out in a canoe." He was worried about us because the lake was famous for severe summer storms. We talked for about 30 min. and he was satisfied with our safety setup- air bladders,PFD's, etc. He had never seen anyone fishing with a fly rod on the lake either. He asked a lot of questions. We saw him again about 2 years later, and he was hooked on the fly. Mike PS: Our grandson has that canoe now and uses it a lot.
  5. I will continue to purchase from FE. If there are any problems in the future, I trust that Dave will make it right. Communication is the key for both sides. I can't afford to buy the most expensive items, but I do try to get the best bang for my few bucks. Mike
  6. Sorry to hear about your problems with FE. I placed an order the afternoon of 3/23/15 and according to the USPS they will be delivered tomorrow. This is my 3rd order with no problems. Mike
  7. I don't think I have ever tied a perfect fly, and probably never will at my age. After about a year of tying, I have accumulated over 250 flies. I scan the net looking for patterns to try. Often I don't have all the specified materials, so I substitute. I tie at least 4 of each. So far I have about 25 patterns that consistently catch fish. There are about 35 patterns, so far, that have not been fished. Each week I try to add more. When my wife and I go fishing, she will use the proven flies and I try the new ones. I try to give each one fair chance before I change. If one of the new flies gets hot, it goes on her line. A few of my files have been really good for us. I have sent some samples, along with a materials list, to a friend who owns a fly shop. He is always looking for warm water flies to add to the extensive line of trout flies he carries. I have always let the fish tell me what they like. My camera skills, like my tying skills are a bit rough, so I don't post pics. Mike
  8. Swamp, what hooks are you using? Mike
  9. Mike, thanks for the SBS. At my age, I need all the help I can get. Another Mike
  10. Mike, I really like this one. I have only been tying for about a year and would really appreciate a material list. Maybe even a SBS if you have time. Thanks, another Mike.
  11. I just placed an order last Wednesday and received it Monday. Web site is up for me. Mike
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